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Introducing Biz Court Cabin Susukino, a popular capsule hotel located in Sapporo City. This blog post provides an in-depth review of my experience staying at this hotel, highlighting its facilities, comfortable rooms, and breakfast. If you’re a male solo traveler seeking affordable and well-located accommodation in Sapporo, look no further than Biz Court Cabin Susukino.

Biz Court Cabin Susukino Location

Situated just a 5-minute walk from Susukino Station, Biz Court Cabin Susukino boasts a prime location for exploring Sapporo City. The hotel’s proximity to the station makes it a perfect base for sightseeing, and the surrounding area is filled with numerous renowned restaurants, including the popular Genghis Khan Daimaru. However, it’s worth noting that due to its location on a bustling street, there may be occasional solicitations from nearby bars and entertainment districts.

Check-in Counter/Lobby

Sapporo Capsule Hotel Check-in Counter

Upon arriving at ASIL SAPPORO, the building housing Biz Court Cabin Susukino, I easily located the hotel on the 4th floor. The check-in counter, a comfortable lounge area, and the accommodation spaces were all conveniently situated on the same floor. The staff at the lobby were friendly and assisted me with the check-in process.

They provided me with a key card to access my hotel room, along with a detailed information sheet about the hotel’s facilities. Additionally, since I had reserved breakfast, I received a separate breakfast ticket. Checking out was a breeze, as I simply had to return the key card through the unmanned kiosk at the front.

Room Space

Biz Court Cabin Susukino passageway

Accessing the room space required a key card, and upon entry, I found a well-organized layout. The rooms were separated by a hallway, which led to the toilet and shower room. Two main types of rooms were available: the familiar upper and lower compartments of a capsule room, and the more spacious Type C cabin room designed for individual use. I opted for the Type C cabin room for its generous space.

Guest Room

Biz Court Cabin Susukino Capsule room type C

My assigned room featured a shelf with a comfortable bed mattress, a television, and conveniently placed power outlets. One of the standout features of this room was the availability of ample storage space, including a designated area for luggage and a closet.

This was a welcome change from other capsule hotels that often lack sufficient storage options. The closet contained room clothes and slippers for use within the hotel. The sleeping space, while not a traditional spring mattress, provided a comfortable sleep experience with its slightly thinner mattress topper.

Noise in the Room

As my room was located near the entrance, I occasionally encountered slight disturbances from the opening and closing of the door and people passing by. However, the noise level was not significant enough to disrupt my sleep. Fortunately, there were no excessively loud snorers or disruptive noises during my stay. The only minor inconvenience was the intermittent coughing of a fellow guest, which reminded me that capsule hotels, by nature, may lack complete sound isolation.

Capsule Hotel Lounge/Vending Machine

Sapporo Capsule Hotel Lounge

To ensure a peaceful environment within the rooms, the capsule hotel prohibited eating and drinking. However, a spacious lounge area was provided for guests to enjoy meals purchased from nearby convenience stores or work on their laptops.

Adjacent to the lounge, a vending machine offered a variety of options, including cup noodles, beverages, and beer. For those craving a hot beverage, a coffee machine with designated operating hours was available, along with a water heater for making instant ramen.

Toilet/Shower Room/Powder Room

Sapporo Capsule Hotel Powder Room

Although there was only one toilet and shower room in the capsule hotel, their spacious layout prevented any sense of overcrowding. Inside the shower room, a storage box was provided to store clothes, though it should be noted that there was no lock for the box. While the shower room itself was not entirely separated, there were partitions that allowed for a degree of privacy. Additionally, a separate powder room offered ample seating for drying hair and applying cosmetics after showering. Interestingly, a reasonably-sized sauna was available within the shower room, though I did not personally make use of it.

Laundry Room

For guests in need of laundry facilities, the capsule hotel offered a dedicated laundry room within the shower area. The room featured separate washing and drying machines, with a fee of 200 yen per wash and 100 yen for a 30-minute dryer cycle. Guests could purchase detergent separately at the counter, though I brought my own capsule detergent. I found the laundry facilities convenient and used the dryer for an hour by adding extra time.


Breakfast was served at the neighboring “Hotel Route Inn,” rather than within the capsule hotel itself. While the separate entrance required me to exit the building and enter through a different door, the journey was straightforward.

The breakfast buffet at Hotel Route Inn offered a variety of dishes, primarily meant to accompany rice. However, I personally found the quality of the breakfast to be average, and given the abundance of excellent restaurants in the vicinity, I would likely opt out of breakfast on any future visits.

To summarize, Biz Court Cabin Susukino offers a well-located and clean accommodation option for travelers visiting Sapporo City. With its proximity to Susukino Station and a multitude of renowned restaurants nearby, this capsule hotel serves as an ideal base for exploring the city. The comfortable rooms, ample storage space, and excellent amenities, including the lounge area and laundry facilities, further enhance the overall experience. While breakfast at Hotel Route Inn may not be the most exceptional, the abundance of dining options in the surrounding area ensures that guests have plenty of alternatives to choose from. For an affordable and convenient stay in Sapporo, I highly recommend Biz Court Cabin Susukino.

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