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Introducing Ramen Shingen, one of the most popular ramen restaurant in Sapporo, Hokkaido. I visited Ramen Shingen during my first trip to Sapporo in 2019 and returned because of a pleasant experience. As a restaurant that features miso ramen, Sapporo’s signature ramen, as its main menu item, there is always a wait.

Ramen Shingen

Location / Hours of Operation

The location is around a 10-minute walk from Susukino Station in Sapporo. The restaurant is open until 1 am, making it a good option for a late-night snack. However, you may still have to wait even late at night.


I arrived in front of the ramen shop at 10:50, 10 minutes before it opened. Despite the rain, the line was already very long, which was unexpected.

Ramen Shingen  Waiting

At 11 o’clock, the staff hung a sign in front of the store and people started to enter. However, it took almost an hour for me to reach the entrance. After waiting for about 15 more minutes inside, I was finally able to eat.

Inside Ramen Shingen restaurant, there is a separate line to sit in the back, which means you may have to wait longer. While you wait, the staff will give you a menu and take your order. If you have difficulty reading Japanese, an English menu is available upon request.

Ramen Shingen english menu
Ramen Shingen english menu

I ordered the signature menu here: miso ramen and fried rice, with butter and corn added as toppings for the ramen.

Miso ramen(Shinshu)

Ramen Shingen Miso Ramen

First, I tasted the miso ramen broth. The soup is rich and savory, with a stronger flavor than I expected. Initially, it tasted salty, but as I continued eating, I became used to it.

The ramen noodles had a normal thickness and a good texture. They complemented the thick broth well and were delicious.

The chashu that came with it was very soft and oily, but unfortunately, there wasn’t much provided by default.

Fried rice

At Ramen Shingen, not only the ramen but also the fried rice is delicious. Therefore, ordering them together is highly recommended. When I went to the restaurant, many people around me also ordered both dishes together.

Ramen Shingen Fried Rice

The fried rice has a simple taste with only eggs, but it has a rich flavor and good texture because it is stir-fried in a thin layer. However, it is quite seasoned, so it doesn’t pair well with ramen soup. If you enjoy eating rice in soup, it is also a good choice to order normal rice and eat it with ramen soup.

Ramen toppings (butter, corn)

After receiving the menu, I waited for my extra butter and corn to arrive, but they never did. I looked around and noticed that other customers received their toppings right away, so I spoke to the staff and they promptly brought them to me. It seems that my order was missing the toppings.

After adding butter and corn to my ramen, I found that the toppings’ taste was masked by the strong flavor of the broth. However, the butter did melt, making the broth softer. The corn added a sweet and colorful texture that I enjoyed as I chewed it in the middle of the ramen.

Above, I introduced Ramen Shingen, a famous ramen restaurant in Sapporo. As one of the representative ramen restaurant in the city, there is always a wait, but the rich and savory ramen is worth it. If you don’t mind waiting, I highly recommend a visit.