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Today, I would like to introduce the Premier Hotel Cabin Sapporo, which was the first place I stayed during my trip to Sapporo. It is located near Susukino Station and offers a large public bath and breakfast buffet at a reasonable price.

Premier Hotel Cabin Sapporo

Premier Hotel Cabin Sapporo Location

Premier Hotel Cabin Sapporo is located about a 10-minute walk from Susukino. Although it’s not particularly close to Sapporo Station, it’s conveniently located near Susukino, where there are many shopping and dining options. Therefore, it’s a good location for a trip to Sapporo city.

Check-in counter

  • Check-in time – 15:00
  • Check-out time – 11:00
Premier Hotel Cabin Sapporo

Check-in and check-out at Premier Hotel Cabin Sapporo are located on the 1st floor. The entrance is easily recognizable. However, there is a smoking room right next to it, so I always ended up smelling like cigarettes when I went in and out. This was quite disappointing.

Disposable items, such as toothbrushes and cotton swabs, are provided in the lobby, so you can take them with you if needed.

Premier Hotel Cabin Sapporo Guest Room

I booked a single non-smoking room, which is the smallest room available at Premier Cabin Sapporo. However, they also offer smoking rooms, which is common in many Japanese hotels.

Be careful when making your reservation to ensure that you select the correct room type. I once accidentally reserved a smoking room at another hotel, and the smell of cigarettes gave me a headache.

Premier Hotel Cabin Sapporo Room

As expected, the room was small. I had a hard time using the luggage carrier due to the limited space. The interior of the room felt old, which was disappointing. However, there was no smell of smoke in the room, so I quickly got used to it.

Premier Hotel Cabin Sapporo Room

The bathroom was also small, but it included a bathtub. The window view was of the building next door, so I kept the window closed.

Premier Hotel Cabin Sapporo Facility

Vending machines, ice machines, and microwaves are available on the 5th and 9th floors. A large paper cup is provided specifically for collecting ice from the ice maker, making it comfortable to use.

For laundry, a washer and dryer can be found on the first floor.

Public Grand Bath

As the hotel is not very big, I didn’t have high expectations for the size of the public bath. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find an outdoor open-air bath inside the large public bath, which was quite satisfactory. The natural hot spring water used in the bath gave the water a brown color, which was a unique feature.

The public bath can be accessed on the 1st basement floor. After obtaining the card key and entering the bath area, take the elevator to reach the men’s and women’s baths. If you wish to use the outdoor hot spring bath, you will need to climb the stairs inside. While it may be inconvenient to climb the stairs without clothes on, it is worth it to be able to enjoy a high-quality outdoor bath in downtown Sapporo.

Please be aware that separate towels are not provided in the public bath, so you will need to bring the towels provided in your room.

Breakfast Buffet

  • Breakfast time – 06:30~10:00

Breakfast is served in the dining room on the B1 floor. I had high expectations because I heard that the ingredients were sourced from Hokkaido, known for their high quality. In fact, each ingredient was marked with its production location in Hokkaido.

The breakfast offered a wider variety of food than expected, including fresh salads made with Sapporo ingredients, fried chicken, and grilled fish. I was especially looking forward to the Kaisendon, a Japanese sashimi rice bowl.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t try it because there weren’t enough ingredients to make sashimi deopbap, possibly because I arrived at the restaurant late.

Although it wasn’t the highest quality breakfast, I was satisfied with the variety of food and desserts. Perhaps that’s why many local Japanese people were also dining there.

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I would like to introduce the Premier Hotel Cabin Sapporo, located near Sapporo Susukino Station. Personally, I found the room to be disappointing, but the public bath with natural hot springs and breakfast were both satisfactory, especially considering the affordable price. If you are looking for budget-friendly accommodation during your trip to Sapporo, we hope you will consider staying here.

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