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Looking for a great place to have a cheap and delicious breakfast in Japan? Look no further than Komeda’s Coffee! This coffee chain offers morning sets from opening time until 11 a.m., making it the perfect spot to start your day.


With locations all over Japan, it’s easy to find a Komeda’s Coffee near you. A quick search using the keyword “Komeda’s Coffee” will bring up plenty of options. I visited the location near Fukuoka Hakata Station, and it was a great choice. The cafe is conveniently located right next to the station, making it an ideal stop for travelers.

Komeda’s Coffee moring set

Komeda’s Coffee hakata station

When I arrived, there was a short wait about 10 minute. When I entered the cafe, the staff was friendly and welcoming, guiding me to my seat and even providing a warm wet towel. The staff guide me to order from the menu using the QR code in front of me. When I scanned the QR code, I couldn’t find the breakfast set. so I called the clerk and make the order directly.

Komeda’s Coffee hakata station

I ordered the morning set, which includes coffee and a free spread with bread. You can choose from two kinds of bread, and a variety of spreads, including raw egg, egg salad, red bean paste, and butter and jam.

Coffee and bread

Komeda’s Coffee morning set

I chose iced coffee and butter and red bean paste for my bread. While the coffee was average, the bread was delicious – thickly cut and buttered, making it savory and tasty. The red bean paste was sweet and paired perfectly with the bread.


The best part? The price! All of this cost me only 560 yen – a steal for such a satisfying meal.

Komeda’s Coffee reciept

While I only had the morning set this time, Komeda’s Coffee offers a variety of other menu items, including ice cream, desserts, and sandwich rice. I can’t wait to try more on my next visit. Looking for a great start to your day in Japan? I highly recommend checking out Komeda’s Coffee.