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Nest Hotel Hakata Station, which was inexpensively business hotel in Fukuoka japan. Not only is it affordable, but clean and the location is close to Hakata Station as the name suggests. So it is a hotel that can be recommended as an accommodation.

Nest Hotel Hakata Station is 400 meters away from Hakata Station, and you can get there in 10 minutes on foot. I had to go to Fukuoka Station on the day of check-out, so I liked the location of the hotel very much.

The price of the hotel is cheap. Based on the current standard, reservations can be made between 60 dollar to 80 dollar. I made a reservation for about 70 dollar including breakfast.

Nest Hotel Hakata Station


The location is about 400m away from Hakata Station. Therefore, I recommend it as a good accommodation to spend time at Haka Station or to tie up on the first or last day of the trip.

Hotel Counter / Check-in

You can see the check-in counter as soon as you enter the hotel entrance. I stopped by first to check my luggage in the morning, and they kindly keeped my luggage.

As an amenity, razors, hair combs, and cotton swabs were allowed to be taken from the counter if necessary. Shampoo and body wash were prepared in the bathroom.

And I paid an additional 200 yen for accommodation tax when I checked in.

  • Check-in – 15:00
  • Checkout – 11:00

Nest Hotel Hakata Station twin room

Nest Hotel Hakata Station twin room

I made a reservation for a single room because I was stay alone, but they assigned me a double room. The room space was not large, but I liked the arrangement of the furniture as neat as new. Especially since there was a desk, it was good to organize my luggage on top.

Nest Hotel Hakata Station twin room

I used it comfortably because there is an outlet where I can adjust the lighting and charge my smartphone by the head of the bed. There were pajamas on the bed, but I didn’t use them.

The entrance was equipped with hangers to hang clothes, and slippers were also prepared.

Nest Hotel Hakata Station twin room

The desk was well equipped with a small refrigerator, an electric pot, a safe, and an ice tray for easy use.

Nest Hotel Hakata Station twin room window

I way stay at 7th floor, but there was no nice view.

Nest Hotel Hakata Station twin room bathroom

The bathroom was not spacious, but it was clean, and it was nice to have a bathtub. The hair dryer was hanging on the towel rack.

Nest Hotel Hakata Station twin room bathroom

The heating here was supposed to be done using a wall heater. The room was cool when I first entered the room because it was set to operate only when I plugged in the key card. It took some time to warm up. It was also disappointing that it was dry as I heated the room through the heater. I increased the humidity by hanging a wet towel after taking a shower.

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External facilities

Nest Hotel Hakata Station Floor gudie

It was a biscuit hotel and there were no great facilities, but there was an ice dispenser on the 6th floor, so I put ice in the ice tray in the room and used it well to eat convenience store food.

There is a laundry room on the first floor, so it would be good if you take a long trip. Also there was a microwave in front of the lobby, and I used it to heat convenience store food.


ice machine

I paid for breakfast included in the accommodation fee and had breakfast. If you pay for a meal without a reservation, you can pay 1,200 yen.

Breakfast hours

  • 07:00 ~ 10:00

There was no particular food that stood out, but there were eggs, sausages, and salads prepared to eat. Also, there were grilled fish and Japanese side dishes, so it was good for a warm breakfast.

Fukuoka’s signature dishes were pickled mustard leaves and pollack roe. Also I was looking forward to it because I need find the blog that Motsunabe would be served for breakfast, but unfortunately, it wasn’t there when I went.

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So far, I’ve introduced Nest Hotel Hakata Station, a business hotel near Fukuoka Hakata Station. The location was good at a reasonable price, and I was satisfied that I could stay overnight in a neat room.

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