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Introducing you to The Millennials Fukuoka, a capsule hotel where I stayed during my recent trip to Fukuoka, Japan. I spent a night there on a Saturday, which was the first day of my trip. As I was curious about the capsule hotel, and since I was arriving late and departing early the next day, I opted for an affordable one-day stay. In particular, I chose this place because it is a place where you can use the entire space, unlike other capsule hotels where the top and bottom are divided and you can’t stretch out properly.

I heard that you can usually get a seat for around 20~30 dollar, but I made a late reservation on the weekend and made a reservation at around 40 dolloar.

1. Location

The Millennials Fukuoka is located very close to Nakasu-Kawabata Station. There are Ichiran main store and Don Quixote Nakasu store nearby. The location was very satisfactory as there were many convenience stores and famous restaurants nearby. In particular, Canal City, which is often visited by tourists, was also within walking distance.

The Millennials Fukuoka building

After getting off at Nakasu-Kawabata Station, go to the hotel location and you will see a sign that reads “The Lively”. This is where The Millennials Fukuoka is located. The Millennials Fukuoka is not written outside the building, so it may be difficult to find right away.

The Millennials Fukuoka building

When I entered the building, I was able to meet the well-decorated interior with the bar in the middle. It was the first place I arrived after starting my trip, so I was excited and in a good mood.

The Millennials Fukuoka bar

2. Hotel counter / check-in

The Millennials Fukuoka counter for check-in is located opposite the bar. I had to pay an additional 200 yen accommodation tax during the check-in process. staff confirm my reservation and give me a key card. You must have this card to move to the elevator or accommodation space. so you must carry it with you. Especially during dawn hours (01:00-06:00), you must have a keycard to pass through the entrance.

  • Check-in – 15:00
  • Check out – 10:00

3. Accommodation floor

The Millennials Fukuoka bike rent

In this building, the bed and washroom were on the third floor. The other floor was like the space used in The Lively hotel seen from the front. The first and second floors are shared for common use. The elevators are divided.

The Millennials Fukuoka 3rd

Before taking the elevator, you will see a bicycle that the hotel rents for a fee. There is also a coin-operated laundry machine in first floor, so if you are traveling for a long time, it’s good to do laundry in this hotel.

The Millennials Fukuoka hallway

When you reach the 3rd floor, there are two doors like this. It is divided into female-only and gender-free. Enter the door with your keycard and enter the hallway. You can see a door that divides the areas with beds into A-C. When I enter the area I was assigned, there is a long hallway as shown in the picture, and the bed is half-hidden with blinds.

4. Bed/Amenities

The Millennials Fukuoka hallway
The Millennials Fukuoka

If I slightly slide the blinds down and lift it up, the bed for me is revealed. On the bed, there was a bag with amenities and an iPhone that could control the bed or lighting. There was a hanger for hanging my clothes on the right side, and a shelf to put luggage on the head. Storage space was everywhere, so I wasn’t satisfied.

The Millennials Fukuoka

Under the bed, there was a space to store a carriage and a small safe to store valuables. I was not usedthe safe. The luggage storage space did not fit to me because the luggage I brought was too big. The carrier I was carrying was 28 inches, but I thought it would be possible to store it only if it was under 24 inches. If you leave it at the end of the bed or in the hallway, the carrier may be exposed to other people, so I took out the necessary things and left the carrier at the counter on the first floor.

The Millennials Fukuoka iphone

The amenity bag contains towels, slippers, toothbrushes, cotton swabs, and tissues. Slippers are essential when taking a shower or walking around the inside, so I used them well.

The recliner bed can be adjusted with an iPhone placed on the bed. The iPhone is connected to a USB charger from a wall outlet. In order to prevent the device from turning off, I was guiding it not to be disconnect with the USB charger.

There is no function to adjust the temperature in the room, so I thought that it might be uncomfortable for those who are sensitive to temperature, such as getting a lot of cold. I didn’t think the temperature was a big problem. You can turn on the fan in your seat, but it’s noisy so I didn’t turn it on. Also, I could hear the sound of the fan turning on in the seat next to me weakly, but it wasn’t to the extent that it interfered with my sleep.

The Millennials Fukuoka alarm

Another interesting feature is an alarm function. As it is a common space, it was a way to wake up by putting the recliner on and turning on the lights without ringing the alarm. I haven’t actually used it, but I think it’s a good way to wake up.

5. Toilet/shower room

The Millennials Fukuoka Toilet

There was a separate toilet and shower area. and the two spaces were connected.

The Millennials Fukuoka Shower room

The shower room had a washbasin space where you could wash your face, brush your teeth or dry your hair.

The Millennials Fukuoka Shower room

And a shower space, it was possible to enter and use the shower room individually. And it was kept clean. When you enter the shower room, the space for hanging clothes or putting things and the shower space are separated once more. There was also a sunflower faucet in the shower room, and there were body soap, shampoo, and treatment as amenities. So I used it well. Especially the water pressure was very good.

After showering, come out to the washroom area outside. I ran into one or two people using the space here. But there weren’t many. so there was no inconvenience in using it. There is a dryer under the sink, so you can dry your hair here.

6. Happy Hour/Breakfast

One of the strengths of The Millennials Fukuoka is the happy hour. If you come at that time, you can drink beer and lemon soda without limit. Unfortunately, I arrived late and didn’t get to try it.

  • Happy Hour: 17:30 ~ 18:30

Breakfast is served at The Lively Kitchen on the 1st floor. Crople as the main salad, yogurt, drinks, etc. seemed to be provided. I didn’t eat because I had a place I wanted to go to for breakfast.

  • Reservation one day in advance: 1200 yen
  • Reservation on the day: 1320 yen

7. 2nd floor coworking space (lounge)

Eating and drinking is prohibited in the bed space, so you must use the coworking space on the 2nd floor to eat convenience store food. I bought beer and snacks from the convenience store and visited the second floor. There were seats with outlets for working with laptops, and there were also seats with partitions. So I thought I could spend time more privately.

The Millennials Fukuoka lounge

There were also seats where you could spend time looking down at the lounge on the first floor. There were pretty lights and interiors on the ceiling, so it was nice to sit and look down.

The Millennials Fukuoka lounge

Lounge inside, there was a waIf you book accommodation through the link above, we may receive a small commission.ter purifier and coffee machine, and there was an ice maker. so it was nice to be able to drink cold drinks.

The Millennials Fukuoka coffee machine

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So far, I introduce the Capsule Hotel The Millennials Fukuoka. This is the first capsule hotel I’ve stayed in, and I’m satisfied with it. There were some inconveniences because I couldn’t comfortably watch TV or eat food in the room. But it was a satisfying time to be able to use clean and well-decorated facilities at an affordable price. In particular, I read some comments about snoring or noise coming and going, but I was more satisfied because I didn’t have that. This experience made me think that if I had to travel for a long time, I should visit several capsule hotels. So I hope you visit and have a pleasant trip to Fukuoka.

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