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Introducing Seocho Gangsan Story, Korean Style Hotdog Food Truck in Gangnam Station, Seoul. A staple of Korean street food. In Korea, we’re called hot dogs instead of corn dogs, and restaurants here also refer to them as hot dogs, so I’m going to call them hot dogs. Seocho Gangsan Story has gained popularity after being featured in a popular Korean TV show.

1. Location / Hours

The food truck Seocho Gangsan Story is located in Gangnam Station, one of the busiest areas in Seoul South Korea. Gangnam Station is located to many companies, restaurants, hospitals, and more, making it a great place to shop and eat.

Seocho Gangsan Story Food Truck in Gangnam Station

Also it has a great public transportation system. There are also many hotels in the area, so many people choose to stay here when traveling in Seoul.

The food truck Seocho Gangsan Story is located in front of Starbucks between Exit 9 and 10 of Gangnam Station.

Location: 2, 1318-8 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul KR

Hours : Mon-Sat 12:30-20:30 (Closed on Sundays)

2. Menu / Payment Methods

The menu is shown below. The main menu is translated into English, but the detailed menu is not translated into English. You can check the menu below, which I translated, and then ask the owner for the number to purchase.

By the way, you can pay by card as well as cash.

  1. sorghum glutinous rice hot dog: 1,500 won
  2. Cheese sorghum glutinous rice hot dog: 2,000 won
  3. hot curry sticky rice hot dog: 1,500 won
  4. Cheese Hot Curry Sticky Rice Hot Dog : 2,000 won
  5. Cheese Long Leg Sticky Rice Hot Dog : 3,000 won (Sorghum or Hot Curry available)
  • 500 won for additional potato toppings (excluding No. 5 long hot dog)

Seocho Gangsan Story, Hotdog Food Truck in Gangnam Station, sells only hot dogs, with a total of 5 varieties. Basically, there are two types of Hot dogs: those with sorghum as the hot dog batter and those with spicy curry.

First of all, sorghum is one of the most commonly eaten grains in Korea and is characterized by its rough and savory texture. In Korea, it’s often eaten with rice or in chimgae, a Korean-style pancake. It’s the most basic hot dog batter here, so if you’re not a fan of spicy food, this is the one to try first.

The second is a hot dog with hot peppers and curry. This one is also very popular because Koreans love spicy flavors, so if you like spicy flavors, you’ll enjoy this one.

Next is the inclusion of cheese. A regular hot dog contains only sausage, while a cheesy hot dog has half mozzarella and half sausage on top.

Option 5 is a longer hot dog than the standard hot dog, so think of it as a larger, more substantial version.

Finally, there’s the potato topping option, which adds 500 won to the price and adds fried potato slices to the side of the hot dog. This is also a great addition as a side dish. The only exception is the long-legged hot dog, which is item #5.

3. How to Eat

I got the Sorghum Glutinous Rice Hot Dog with Cheese, menu item 2. The hot dog does not come with any sauce when you first get it, so you have to add your own sauce to taste at the self-serve section in front of you.

  1. First, roll the hot dog in the sugar in front of you. The sugar on the outside adds sweetness to the hot dog and makes it more delicious.
  2. Drizzle the ketchup and honey mustard sauce on top to your liking.

If you’re packing them up instead of eating them right away, you can get the ketchup on the side.

4. Cheese Hot Dog

When you bite into the hot dog, you get crispy, savory hot dog blood and melted cheese in one bite. The sauce and sugar on the outside went very well together.

Seocho Gangsan Story Cheese Hot Dog in Gangnam Station

Underneath was the sausage, which had a firm texture and was juicy and flavorful.

This hot dog is so delicious that I recommend you to visit and try it if you are in Gangnam Station.