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Sandwiches are a popular food to eat while traveling in Japan. There are various types of sandwiches, including egg, pork cutlet, and fruit sandwiches, which are all delicious and popular among everyone. If you’re traveling to Sapporo, I recommend trying Sandria, where you can taste a variety of sandwiches at reasonable prices.

Sandria Location

Sandoria is a bit far from Susukino Station, requiring a 15-20 minute walk. As a result, there aren’t many shopping malls around. However, there is a famous shrimp ramen restaurant called Ebisoba Ichigen on the way to Sandoria. This restaurant is always busy, so it would be nice to visit together.

Sandria Sandwich

Opening Hours / Inside the store

One good thing about Sandria is that it is open 24 hours. Therefore, it can be purchased as a meal when departing for an early morning trip or a good option for a late-night snack.

I have visited Sandria twice. In the late evening hours, there were few customers, so there was hardly a wait, but during the daytime, there were quite a few customers, so we had to wait a little before ordering.

Sandria Sandwich
Sandria Sandwich Menu Price

The shop offers several menus ranging from basic egg sandwiches to tonkatsu and fruit sandwiches. The most popular egg sandwich costs 200 yen, while the most expensive strawberry sandwich costs 350 yen.

Unfortunately, all menus are in Japanese, making it difficult to determine the exact ingredients of some sandwiches.

Sandria Sandwich
Sandria Sandwich Menu Price

Ordering in English was also challenging. I had to point to the sandwich I wanted since I couldn’t say its name. The sandwich was hidden by the showcase, so the staff had to bend down to check which one I wanted.

In addition to sandwiches, the store has vending machines selling beverages and canned soups.

Sandwich vending machine at Sapporo Station

It has been reported that Sandria installed a vending machine at Sapporo Station in March of this year. I’ve heard that there have been long lines to use the vending machine since it opened recently. However, for those who have difficulty going to the Sandoria store, it may be worth trying to purchase from the vending machine at Sapporo Station.

Sandria Sandwich

I bought various sandwiches, such as pork cutlet, egg, and fruit sandwiches, and tried them one by one. They were tasty, but not particularly flavorful. Nonetheless, they were satisfying and priced affordably. If I go to Sapporo again, I think I will stop by and buy one again.

Especially when moving to Noboribetsu by train, I was thinking about eating an Ekiben (Japanese train lunch box), but I wasn’t very hungry (I had already eaten a lot lol), so I bought a sandwich from Sandoria instead. It was a light meal that left me feeling satisfied.

Also, when buying a sandwich, if you look to the left, they sell snacks that are cheap and popular among Japanese people. I decided to try one, which was made by frying a sandwich in oil and coating it with something like seasoning. However, the seasoning was too salty, and the taste of oil was too strong, so I could not finish it. Personally, I would not recommend buying it.

I introduced Sandria, a 24-hour sandwich shop located in Sapporo. This eatery offers a wide variety of freshly made Japanese sandwiches at affordable prices, making it a very satisfying place to visit.