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I wanted to share with you this incredible all-you-can-eat yakiniku restaurant called One Karubi Premium Nakasu in Fukuoka. If you’re a fan of yakiniku beef, this is definitely the place to go!

And One Karubi Premium Nakasu turned out to be the perfect restaurant for me because I could indulge in all the meat and alcohol I wanted. It was a truly memorable experience!

One Karubi Premium Nakasu

Location / Business hours

Very close to Nakasu-Kawabata Station. The building opposite the Ichiran ramen main store is in a convenient location for travel to Fukuoka.

  • Weekdays 17:00 – 23:00
  • Weekends/Holidays 16:00~23:00


Reservations can be made by online the homepage address below, which can also be found on Google Maps.

<One Karubi Premium Nakasu Reservation>

This restaurant is very popular, so if you visit without a reservation, you may have to wait for a long time or not be able to eat at all. I recommend making a reservation before visiting, which can easily be done using the browser’s translation function. When I arrived, there was no wait because it was open time, but by the time I left, there were many people waiting for a table.

To make a reservation, visit the reservation page in your browser. If you see a triangle or circle like the one shown in the picture, you can make a reservation online. If you see “TEL,” you’ll need to call to make a reservation.

Possibility of single meal

In particular, I made a reservation for one person. Since it is a grilled beef restaurant, I was worried that one person would not be able to eat. However, there was no problem at all even making a reservation for one person to eat.

One Karubi Premium Nakasu Menu

At One Karubi Premium Nakasu, you can choose between an all-you-can-eat course or a la carte course. Among the all-you-can-eat courses, I chose the most expensive course with beef tongue is provided. It is 4280 yen (excluding tax) per person.

All-you-can-drink is also available for 1,500 yen (excluding tax), including alcohol. I also requested and ate this unlimited drink.

<Onme Karubi Premium Nakasu Menu>

All-you-can-eat courses

First of all, the seat I was guided to was not a one-person seat, but a seat that could seat up to 4 people. I went early and there weren’t many people in the store, so I was able to eat comfortably in a large seat.

One Karubi Premium Nakasu table

First, set the beef oil, soy sauce and scissors as shown in the picture.

tablet order

Menu orders can be made through the tablet PC next to it. English is also supported, so there was no difficulty in ordering.

beef tong

First, I ordered beef tongue. I had heard that its texture was unique and delicious, and after trying it for the first time, I enjoyed it so much that I ordered it again. If you haven’t tried beef tongue yet, I highly recommend giving it a try.

yakiniku beef

In addition, we ordered a variety of meat menus to choose from. All meats are seasoned and served.

Because the quality of the meat was good, I thought that it would be delicious even without seasoning, so I ordered it without seasoning and ate it.

organs parts called hormones

I also ordered organs parts called hormones in Japan. It was tougher than I thought maybe I had chosen the wrong menu. So the hormone menu no longer ordered.

One Karubi Premium Nakasu drink

You can order a variety of drink, including beer and highball Japanese sake. I was very satisfied because I was able to taste various things from beer to highball and Japanese sake.

I drank several cups and it was good enough for the price.


As a Koreans, I did order lettuce, ssamjang, kimchi, and rice. Kimchi is difficult to say Korean kimchi, but it was not too sweet, so I was able to eat it deliciously by reducing the greasy feeling of the meat.

The meat paired well with rice and was satisfying to eat, especially when wrapped in lettuce.


One of the most delicious meats was sukiyaki. It was high-quality beef with sukiyaki sauce. It was a little salty, but the sweet taste of the sauce was good. It also went really well with rice.


In the unlimited menu, you can order a variety of dishes besides meat. I ordered udon topped with seasoned yam.


So far, I introduced One Karubi Premium Nakasu, All-You-Can-Eat Yakiniku Restaurant. It was a very satisfying meal even though I was expecting a lot.

The next time I go to Fukuoka, I definitely want to visit again. Although the beef tongue here was delicious, the other meats were also of high quality and tasted great. If the price of the beef tongue menu is burdensome, I think you’ll be just as satisfied choosing from the other menu options.