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Today, I’d like to introduce Matsunoya, a Japanese restaurant chain similar to Korea’s Kimbap Cheonguk, specializing in tonkatsu. This 24-hour establishment offers a convenient dining option any time of day. During my Sapporo trip, I opted for Matsunoya when I needed a quick, hassle-free meal after a tiring day in the cold.

Matsunoya Sapporo Susukino

Location and Operating Hours

I visited the Matsunoya in Sapporo, specifically the Susukino branch, due to its proximity to my accommodation in Susukino. The restaurant is conveniently located along Susukino’s main street, making it easily accessible. Matsunoya’s 24-hour operation ensures you can drop by at any time for a meal. Adjacent to Matsunoya is Matsuya, another 24-hour chain that serves Japanese beef bowls (gyudon). Both chains are widespread across Japan and are excellent choices for quick and tasty meals.

Ordering Process and Takeout

At Matsunoya, orders are placed via a kiosk at the entrance. The kiosk supports multiple languages, including english, ensuring a smooth ordering process. Payment options are versatile, including card, cash, and mobile payment systems like Line Pay.

Matsunoya Sapporo Susukino Kiosk

Takeout is also available; simply place your order at the kiosk and collect your meal from the takeout counter at the entrance.

Interior and Menu

Upon receiving your meal ticket from the kiosk, enter the restaurant and choose your seat. The interior features partitioned seating, catering to solo diners, which is common among Japanese office workers. After taking a seat, watch the digital display for your order number and collect your meal when it’s ready. Matsunoya operates on a self-service system, so you’ll need to fetch and return your tray.

Matsunoya Tonkatsu

Matsunoya tonkatsu

My meal was ready in under 10 minutes. I ordered the 960 yen set, which included tonkatsu and karaage (fried chicken). The table had various condiments like tonkatsu sauce, dressing, and mustard, allowing me to tailor my meal to my taste. The tonkatsu exceeded my expectations; it was thick, juicy, and complemented perfectly by the crispy coating. The karaage was also delicious. Despite my initial intention for a quick meal, the quality of the food made for a satisfying dining experience.