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I’ve been saving up Korean Air miles for a long time and finally flew business to Switzerland. I’d like to introduce you to the Korean Air KAL Prestige Lounge, which I used before boarding my flight. This is a lounge that is mainly used for Korean Air business flights passenger, where you can not only eat, but also relax and shower.

Korean Air KAL Prestige Lounge

1. Location / Business Hours

  • Business Hours: 04:00 ~ 00:00

The KAL Prestige Lounge I used is located on the west side of the airport, close to the immigration gate entrance, so it’s not hard to find. From Gate 249, take the escalator up to the 4th floor. You’ll find the Martina Gold Lounge and Martina Lounge right next to each other, and the internet duty-free order pickup area a little further to the side.

Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 West

2. Korean Air KAL lounge access

Korean Air Business Lounge access is not available for a fee, but you can enter the lounge with the following conditions. The most common way to gain access to the Korean Air Business Lounge is to book a business class ticket on Korean Air. You may also be able to enter the lounge depending on your status, such as Korean Air Morning Calm member, Star Alliance, etc. You can also use Korean Air miles (4000 miles) to enter the lounge. However, I personally recommend using other paid lounges such as Martina if you don’t need to use miles due to expiration date.

>> KAL lounge access eligibility

3. Korean Air KAL Prestige Lounge Inside

Korean Air KAL Prestige Lounge

The Korean Air lounge looks big and spacious from the outside, so I thought there would be plenty of seats. However, since I visited on a Saturday around lunchtime on a weekend, there were more people in the lounge than I expected. However, I was able to get in right away without waiting, and there were plenty of empty seats, so I settled in and had a nice relaxing time before boarding my flight.

4. Buffet : Foods / Drinks

Korean Air KAL Prestige Lounge Buffet Area

When I first saw the lounge, I was excited because it looked like it had a wide variety of food, and it was bigger and more varied than the Martina Lounge, which is known for its variety and deliciousness. However, there was a pitfall here: due to the large number of people using the lounge, the food was displayed in two sets, so it looked like there were twice as many types of food.

When I actually looked at the food, I didn’t think it was as diverse as I expected, and I was disappointed with the variety and quality compared to Martina Lounge.

salad and yogurt

Hot food, including sausages

coffee and drinks

cheese and bread

Cup ramen, a staple in Korean lounges, was prepared.

The food consisted of salads and yogurt Hot food, including sausages Coffee and drinks Cheese and bread and cup noodles, which is a staple in Korean lounges. I was flying business and had been looking forward to the meal for a long time, so I kept it simple and just ate the food.

5. Alcohol

Surprisingly, the liquor section was better than other airport lounges in Korea.

Unlike other lounges that usually only have beer and wine, it was nice to have strong drinks such as whiskey and vodka, as well as cocktails. There was a wide variety of beer. There were also cocktails, so it was nice to have a variety of options.

6. Showers

There were showers and restrooms in the lounge, which is great if you have a layover or want to freshen up before a long flight.

This was my experience using the Korean Air KAL Prestige Lounge in Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 before boarding my flight to Switzerland. Personally, I was disappointed with the food served at the buffet, but if you’re flying business, I don’t think it’s that important because your meal is waiting for you on the plane.

Also If you’re looking for a lounge that you can access with a paid purchase or a free pass like a Priority pass, rather than a business ticket, the Martina Lounge is a great option. Manita Lounge is located in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 at Incheon International Airport, and it’s a lounge that offers quality food that exceeds expectations. For more information, please refer to the link below.