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Matina Lounge is one of the lounges at Incheon International Airport terminal 1. Airport lounges are one of the great ways to pass the time before boarding a flight. It is because a place to rest or work comfortably, food and alcohol are provided.

Especially if there is a free admission card, it’s the best. I went to Matina Lounge while using Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 for a trip to Fukuoka, Japan. I will inform you of the location and price of the Matina Lounge, the overall food, and what is the card that allows you to enter for free.

matina lounge

1. Location / Opening Hours

Matina Lounge location
Matina Lounge location

There are two Matina Lounges at Incheon International Airport Terminal 1. Currently, the east side is temporarily closed, so I used the Matina Lounge on the west side.

After entering the terminal after completing departure procedures, walk straight to the left and you will find a sign pointing to the location of the Matina Lounge opposite side of gate 43. If you follow the sign and go up one level, you will see another sign pointing to the left. If you follow the sign, you will find Matina Lounge.

2. Waiting line

Matina Lounge waiting

Upon arrival, you will see a line at the Matina Lounge. Currently, Incheon Airport lounges are said to have a lot of waiting. Recently, the demand for overseas travel in Korea has increased a lot, and there are many Korean credit cards that allow free lounge access, so many people use them. Also, there are few lounges that are not operated. So I was able to get in after waiting for about 20 minutes.

3. Admission Fee / Free Card

In case of cash payment, the cost is as follows.

Admission fee

  • Adults: 39$
  • Child : 17$

Many of you probably have a Priority Pass card that gives you free access to the lounge. Also the card for free use of Matina Lounge is shown in the picture below.

matina lounge free access card

4. Inside / Seat

Matina Lounge
Matina Lounge

The lounge staff immediately checks for empty seats and guides you right away. I was guided to a single seat.

When you enter the inside, lounge was full of people as shown in the picture. I hope that the non-operating lounge will be opened as soon as possible so that you can enter the lounge more leisurely.

This is how I look when I come out. The line was even longer than before entering.

5. Food

It’s not worth more than the $39 entrance fee for the lounge corner, but if you get in for free or with a discount, the food composition is satisfactory. There were also well-prepared drinks and Liquor, such as beer and wine. There were a lot of people, so the popular dishes were quickly emptied, but it was nice that the staff filled them up right away.

Throughout my multiple visits to Martina Lounge, I’ve noticed that the food offerings undergo periodic changes. So food may changed from the dishes introduced below.


beverage at matina lounge

First, juice, canned coffee, and tonic water were prepared in the refrigerator. If you go to the side, there was a server ready for you to drink soda, and there was also a machine where you could drink coffee.

drink server
coffee machine

What I liked the most about the Matina Lounge was that you could drink draft beer right away. I was able to drink a cold beer before boarding the plane, and it felt good to start the trip. On the salad side, there was red wine and white wine.

On my recent visit to the Martina Lounge, I was excited to find that they had added Makgeolli, a traditional Korean rice wine infused with raspberry, to their menu. The pink-hued beverage boasts a delightful, moderately sweet and mild taste. I highly recommend trying it for a memorable experience.

Hot food

There were many foods to eat in the hot food corner. I brought a lot of food from here to fill my stomach. There were fried rice and pasta, dakgangjeong(marinated fried chicken), marinated barbecue meat, and assorted fried.

marinated barbecue meat,
fried rice and pasta

Among Korean food, there were Tteokbokki(Spicy Stir-fried rice cake) and Eomuk(fish cake with hot broth). These are two foods that Koreans love very much, and there are franchise restaurants that specialize in tteokbokki. And it is also a very popular menu as street food.

assorted fried
Eomuk(fish cake with hot broth)

If you haven’t tasted it during your trip to Korea, I recommend you to try it. Tteokbokki is a food that is eaten by adding rice cakes and Eomuk to red pepper paste seasoning. It is a dish that can be made very spicy according to personal taste. However, in the Matina Lounge, it was provided that was not spicy in consideration of children and foreigners who could not eat spicy food. Dipping the accompanying tempura into the tteokbokki soup is also a delicacy, so please try it together.

Tteokbokki(Spicy Stir-fried rice cake)
Tteokbokki and fried

Korean food

There were not many Korean dishes, but there were bancham(side dishes) including kimchi and seaweed soup that could be eaten with rice.

Also There was a bibimbap corner on one side. bibimbap is mixed rice with assorted vegetables. and also eaten by adding additional ingredients such as meat.

bancham(side dishes) and rice

how to eat bibimbap

  • Put rice in a wide bowl and place vegetables and ingredient on top.
  • Add red gochujang sauce according to your taste. (It can be spicy, so if you can’t eat spicy, add a little.)
  • Add a little bit of sesame oil or perilla oil on the left for a savory aroma and taste. (Because it has a savory taste, adding it to bibimbap enhances the taste even more. But since their fragrance is strong, adding too much can harm the taste of other ingredients.)
  • You can eat it by mixing it with a spoon. Also it is good to eat seaweed soup or bancham(side dishes) together with bibimbap.
sesame oil and perilla oil

Cup Noodles

cup noodles

There were a total of 3 types of cup noodles served at Matina Lounge. Squid jjambbong, sarigomtang, and jjapagetti were prepared. Most Korean ramen has spicy taste, but since there are many foreign customers, there are two types of non-spicy ramen.

Squid jjambbong is a seafood-based spicy soup ramen, and Sari Gomtang is a beef bone soup-based non-spicy ramen. Chapagetti is a modified version of Jajangmyeon, a Korean-style Chinese dish.

Salad, Fruit, Bread, Dessert


Not only salads, fruits, and desserts, but also bread with jam and butter.


So far, I have introduced the Matina Lounge in Terminal 1 of Incheon International Airport. Lounges in other airports may be similar, but the quality of the food is normal and the lounge space is not spacious due to the large number of customers, so it seems a waste to pay a list price for the use. Therefore, if you have a free admission card or if you can get a discount, I recommend using it.

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