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I’ve been saving up Korean Air miles for a long time to travel abroad with my family. Due to the popularity of mileage seats, they are hard to book. I was lucky enough to be able to book a flight and finally travel to Switzerland. Today, I’m going to share my experience on a Korean Air Business Prestige Sleeper flight to Zurich Airport in Switzerland.

1. Korean Air Business Prestige Sleeper seat

First of all, Korean Air’s direct flights to Switzerland are on B777-300ER aircraft. The business class seats here are called Prestige Sleeper, which is Korean Air’s second class seat and not the best class seat. The most luxurious seat is the Prestige Suite, which is reserved for routes like New York. Of course, the Prestige Sleeper is a step down in class, but it’s a comfortable flight with a full-flat seat like business.

The seat I booked was located right behind the restroom in the front, so there was no monitor in front of me. Instead, I had a monitor that I could pull out of the seat handle. I chose this seat because my mother, who was traveling with me, has limited mobility and wanted to be close to the entrance. I would recommend choosing a seat with a monitor in front of you in the second row or later, depending on the size and convenience of the monitor.

2. Full-Fledged Seats

For most people, the main reason for flying business is the seat. My mother traveling with me has limited mobility and is not in good health. So she can’t endure a long flight of more than 12 hours in a regular seat. In the end, she was able to complete the flight without much discomfort. Especially since she likes to look out the window. It was good that she could occupy all three rows and see comfortably.

3. Amenities / Supplies Provided

On your seat, you’ll find amenities and other items that you can use during the flight.

Korean Air Business Prestige Sleeper Amenities

The amenities included a sleeping eye patch, toothbrush, toothpaste, shoehorn, comb, hand cream, body lotion, lip balm, etc. I didn’t have any use for what was in the amenity bag, so I kept it as a souvenir. It’s a trap that I still have at home, lol.

There were also slippers, blankets, etc.

There was also a noise-canceling headset for watching videos.

4. Alcoholic beverage menu

Korean Air Business Prestige Sleeper Alcoholic beverage menu

There is a menu on the seat in front of you. On the first page of the menu, there is a liquor menu. I’m not very knowledgeable about alcohol. But I like to taste various types of alcohol, such as whiskey. There are various high-end liquors on the menu list, so I wanted to try them all. However, I felt unnecessarily burdened to make multiple requests because I had to call the flight attendant every time during the flight. Still, I think I tasted a little bit of the liquors I wanted to taste, such as champagne and whiskey. lol

5. Meal Menu

Korean Air Business Prestige Sleeper Meal Menu

When you take your seat, the flight attendant will tell you to choose your meal menu along with your welcome drink. For both meals on the flight, you have to choose your menu in advance. Since there were three of us, I was able to take pictures of all the menus except for the halibut dish for lunch.

6. Meal preparation

Meals were served twice, once for lunch as soon as the plane departed and once for dinner when the plane landed. Although it was lunch and dinner, dinner was on Swiss time upon arrival. So there was a fair amount of time between meals.

Lunch is served as soon as the plane is in the air, so the flight attendant immediately sets the table.

The seats aren’t as spacious as you’d expect, so you have to put your food and drinks on it to find a seat.

7. Lunch Course

The lunch course started with a whole scallop, which was very tender and the romesco sauce underneath was unique and delicious, making it a memorable dish.

This is followed by a salad, which comes with bread if you order the Western menu.

After the salad, the main menu is served. The speed of the main menu varies slightly depending on the menu you choose.

To introduce the three main dishes, bibimbap, braised beef short ribs, and tenderloin steak were all served in abundance.

The quality of the food isn’t quite up to par with what you’d find in a regular restaurant. But it was nice to have such a fancy meal on an airplane.

At the end of the meal, fruit and cheese were served, and we were treated to Häagen-Dazs ice cream for dessert.

8. Ramen

One of the things I look forward to most when flying business is ramen. After lunch and turning off the lights for sleep, some passengers order ramen after a few hours of inverted flight, and the cabin smells like ramen. I thought this was the perfect time to order ramen.

I heard that for ramen in business class, they serve cup noodles in a pot, so I didn’t recognize it as cup noodles, but it was delicious, especially with the pufferfish inside.

9. Dinner Course

Before arriving in Switzerland, the last meal on the plane was served. It was a little lighter than the lunch course.

First up was a salad. The Greek lemon dressing that came with it was very tasty. As with lunch, it also came with bread if you chose that option on the menu.

Next, we were served three main dishes for dinner: braised mackerel, Chinese beef and bell pepper stir-fry, and chicken stew with potatoes. I was very full after eating and drinking throughout the flight, including ramen noodles.

But I couldn’t leave out the fruit to finish off the meal, so I had some fruit and coffee.

Shortly after finishing my meal, I arrived at Zurich Airport, Switzerland. It was greeted with a nice view of the Swiss town outside the window, which was a nice start to my trip. I was flying business class for the first time, and I was very happy that the flight was as comfortable as I expected. It was a pleasant experience that made the long 12-hour flight seem effortless.

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