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Introducing How to get to Khaosan Road from Icon Siam by express boat. Currently, Bangkok’s most popular attraction, Icon Siam, is a large shopping mall on the Chao Phraya River. As such, it has a marina alongside the river.

Icon Siam

There are a number of boats that run through the marina, including the shuttle boat that takes you to and from Saphantakshin Station and Icon Siam, which you’re probably familiar with. There are also paid water boats that travel the entire length of the Chao Phraya River. Bangkok is always clogged with traffic, so sometimes the fastest way to get around is by boat. Seeing Bangkok from the river is a bonus.

Types of water boats (orange flag, yellow, green)

Chao Phraya express boat

As you can see from the photo, there are many different types of boats in Bangkok. Each boat takes a slightly different route, so depending on where you want to go, you’ll have to choose which one you want to take. But for tourists like us who are traveling for a week or so, it’s hard to know where the boats go and which one to take.

If you use Google Maps, it will show you the types of boats that go where you want to go and the departure times. You can check this and head to the dock, but I recommend getting there a little earlier than the time on the app. Sometimes the boats leave a little early, and I’ve gotten there too late and the boat I saw on the app had already left.

Blue Boats

Chao Phraya Tourist Blue Boats

Blue boats are a little different in character from the other boats. Blue boats are called tourist boats. These boats are geared towards tourists and are double-decker, so you get a better view of the riverfront. They cost about twice as much – 15 baht for the orange boat and 30 baht for the blue boat from Icon Siam to Khao San Road – but even at double the price, I preferred the blue boat for a more relaxed view of the Chao Phraya River.

Water boat ride times

One of the biggest differences from regular public transportation in Bangkok is that the water boats don’t operate in the evening. This is because there are a lot of boats on dinner cruises, etc. and there is a risk of accidents, such as bumping into each other, so they don’t operate in the evening. Instead, the shuttle from Icon Siam to Saphantakshin Station is operated by a department store, so it seemed to be open until the evening.

How to get from Icon Siam to Khaosan Road, Blue Boat

Icon Siam has a large riverfront and 5 marinas, so I was confused at first about where to catch the boat. In the end, you can board the boat at the Peir 1 marina on the far right. The other piers seemed to be shuttle boats from the hotels along the river, or boarding areas for nightly dinner cruises, etc.

There is also a shuttle from Peir 1 to Saphantakshin station on the Icon Siam, so I think most people will be using the Peir1 pier.

First, you have to buy a ticket to get on the boat to Icon Siam. There’s a person there, as shown in the photo above, and you tell them where you want to go and buy a ticket. I bought a ticket for the Blue Boat because it was the right time to board the Blue Boat. It cost 30 baht. After buying the ticket, I waited in the waiting area with chairs and was told that I would be called when the boat came, so I sat down and relaxed for a while.

After a while, the Blue Boat arrived and we went up to the second floor to enjoy the view. Khaosan Road is accessible by getting off at the Phra Arthit pier.

How to get to Icon Siam from Khaosan Road, Orange Flag Boat

To get to Icon Siam from Khao San Road, take the boat backwards from Phra Arthit Pier. Follow the signs into the alley and you’ll come to the marina.

I bought my ticket at the vendor on the right. It was late this time, so the blue boat was out of service, so I bought a ticket for the orange flag boat and boarded it. There is only one marina here, so you can just wait and see if there is a boat that needs to be boarded.

The orange boats were definitely more crowded than the blue boats, so we stood and moved around here, and there are staff on the boats to check or sell tickets, so I guess you don’t necessarily have to buy your ticket at the dock. I didn’t come to check because I had my ticket in my hand the whole time.

Seeing Wat Arun during the boat ride

Wat Arun

On the way to Icon Siam from Khao San Road is the Wat Arun temple. Which is also one of the boat stops. You can take a water boat to get to Wat Arun, or you can get off the boat and see it up close. I went to Wat Pho, so I didn’t go to Wat Arun. But I did see it from the boat, and since Wat Arun is so close to the riverside, I was happy enough to see it from the boat.

Wat Arun

Khaosan Road is a popular tourist destination in Bangkok, it is known for its poor transportation. But it would be a great location if you can get there by boat. So I stayed at a hotel on Khaosan Road and explored the area and was satisfied. Both Khaosan Road and Icon Siam are must-see destinations when traveling to Bangkok, and you can save time by traveling by boat.

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