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Introducing the book cafe Check_grow(채그로), which has an amazing view of the Han River that I recently visited.

The Han River is a large river that runs through Seoul. Not only the wide river, but also the buildings that look beyond the river create a more beautiful view. You can see this beautiful view at the book cafe Check_grow.

Cafe Check_grow
Cafe Check_grow


Cafe Check_grow is located about 10 minutes on foot from Exit 4 of Mapo Station. This cafe is located in the same building as the plastic surgery clinic. The director of the plastic surgery clinic is also own the buliding and the cafe. She loves books, that the reason she opened a book cafe.

Exit 4 of Mapo Station
Cafe Check_grow building

Opening hours


How to order

Cafe Check_grow consists of several layers. The 2nd, 6th, 8th, and 9th floors are all chagro book cafes. First, you can order coffee or beverage dessert on the 8th floor and freely move to another floor. There was also a coffee counter on the 9th floor, but it was not operated.

The price of drinks is bit expensive. It seems that the price of the drink includes the view or book cafe fee.

Cafe Check_grow Menu

Cafe space

I’ve been to the 8th and 9th floors, which have a good view.

On the 8th floor, there is a book cafe space in the back, and a seat for conversation with a hanriver view is located in the front. In particular, the window seats are not to be used for computer or reading purposes. Many people prefer a seat by the window, so it seemed to take this policy.

Cafe Check_grow library
Cafe Check_grow shoe rack

The 9th floor was also divided into a book cafe space and also a conversation space. There was a notice that you can read books only in the book cafe space. The book cafe space is designed to be used after taking off shoes. Take off your shoes and put them in the shoe rack on the left. It was nice that it had a different atmosphere from the 8th floor because it had a unique structure.

The view of the Han River from the conversation space on the 9th floor was also very nice. In addition to this, there was a space to sit here and there, such as a terrace area. I visited in the cold winter, but if the weather is good, I think it would be nice to spend time leisurely in the outdoor terrace space.

Han River View

You can see the Han River and Mapo Bridge through the window. Yeouido is located across the Han River. You can also see the National Assembly Building on the right.

At night, many buildings are lit up. The night view to see it was also very beautiful.

On the other side of the building, you can also see a temple called Seokbulsa Temple. The view of the temple was also good.

the Han River and Mapo Bridg
Seokbulsa Temple

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