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The Hyundai Seoul is currently the most recently opened department store in Seoul and the largest department store in a single building in Seoul. It is currently one of the most popular places in Korea and is crowded with people regardless of weekends or weekdays.

It is a complex shopping mall that gathers the latest and trending things such as food, shopping and sights. There are many trendy select shops as well as famous luxury brands. Even if you don’t interested in shopping, there are many interesting attractions such as cultural exhibitions, so it’s a good place to spend a day. In particular, if it is difficult to tour Korea outside in cold, hot or rainy weather, so I recommend it as the best indoor tourist destination.

the hyundai seoul, outside

In addition, there are many famous restaurants are gathered in all over South Korea, so many people visit The Hyundai Seoul to go to these restaurants.


108 Yeoui-daero, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Map : Naver / Kakao

The Hyundai Seoul is connected to Yeouido Station on Lines 5 and 9 and IFC Mall.

When you get off at Yeouido Station and head toward Exit 3, there is a passageway connecting the department store. Therefore, you can go directly to the department store without going outside. However, you have to walk a while as there is a distance from the subway.

the hyundai seoul, outside

Opening Hours

Monday ~ Thursday : 10:30AM – 8PM
Friday ~ Sunday : 10:30AM–8:30PM

Floor Guide

Each floor has shops and restaurants worth visiting in The Hyundai Seoul. I can’t introduce all the stores, but there are many things to see in all the stores here, so if you have time, it would be nice to take a look around. In addition, I only introduced Korean food and famous cafes are briefly in this page, but all the restaurants here are famous nationwide. So, I think you will be satisfied wherever you go.

B2: Creative Ground

Culture & Lifestyle, Street Fashion & Sports, Subway Connecting Passage

It is a floor with a passage connected to the subway, and there are many trendy shops, so it is a fun space to browse.

1. Niceweather Market

Niceweather Market

A shop that sells a variety of items and sells products and groceries that are difficult to find in regular stores. Every day at 1:00 PM, they sell Old Perry donuts, which are popular, so there is a line waiting at sales time.


This is an offline store of Byeongjeon Market, a second-hand trading platform in Korea. It is popular as a store that sells resale products that are difficult to find, such as premium sneakers.

3. Thisisneverthat

As a South Korean popular street casual brand. They sells an exclusive line sold only at The Hyundai Seoul store, for making a difference from online stores.

B1: Tasty SEOUL

food court

It is a food court where many famous restaurants in South Korea are gathered.

If there is a restaurant or shop you want to visit here, it is recommended to visit this place first and wait as there are some restaurants with a long wait.

1. Food Court

The Hyundai Seoul Food Court

On the B1 floor of The Hyundai Seoul, there is a food court offering a wide variety of dishes, including delicious Korean cuisine. Check out our the post below for local Koreans’ recommended menu options.

Grilled Pork Belly Set(Doljang Gak)

The Hyundai Seoul Food Court : Locals’ Menu Recommendations

The Hyundai Seoul is a bustling and popular destination in Seoul, always teeming with people eager to indulge in its culinary delights.

2. sooty

Sooty, the hyundai seoul

As a Korean BBQ restaurant, it is gaining popularity as a collaboration brand with famous Korean restaurants. Roast beef, roast chicken, lasagna, etc. are the representative menus, and it is a fusion restaurant that combines traditional Korean BBQ with European casual dining.

3. Camel Coffee

This cafe is famous for “Camel Coffee,” an Einstephener coffee. The line is always long, so if you want to visit, I recommend waiting first. Among the desserts, the ang butter bread is also popular.

4. Milbon

This is a chain of restaurants selected for the Michelin Bib Gourmand. It sells Korean food such as kalguksu and dumplings. Kalguksu and meat rice bowls are the most popular.

5. Super matcha

Super matcha

This is a cafe that sells matcha drinks and ice cream. They uses stevia instead of sugar. It is a good option for those who are sensitive to calories.

1F : Exclusive LABEL

Luxury Brands, luxury watches, jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes

the hyundai seoul waterfall

There is a “Waterfall Garden”, a unique fountain that runs from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor.“Waterfall Garden”is also a place where people who visit the Hyundai Seoul to take pictures.

2F : Modern MOOD

Fashion, contemporary, luxury shoes

3F : About FASHION

Fashion, shoes & bags, fashion accessories

4F : Life & Balance

Tableware, home décor, furniture, bedding, golf, leisure

5F: Sounds & Forest

Sounds Forest, Children & Toddlers, Home Appliances

As a representative space of The Hyundai Seoul, it drew attention by creating an indoor garden with trees under a unique and high ceiling. It is a popular Instagram photo spot. Since the garden can be seen clearly from the 6th floor, also there are many people taking pictures.

sound&forest, the hyundai seoul
finding wally

Sound & forest, the hyundai seoul

“Sounds & Forest”are held with different themes each time, such as the Christmas tree or Finding Wally.

The Hyundai Seoul

In December of 2022, it became a hot topic by creating a super-large Christmas tree and various sculptures. There was a line so long that you had to register for a separate wait to enter this place, look around, and take pictures.

chrismas tree_the hyundai seoul

6F : Dining & Art

Restaurant, ALT.1

You can see Sounds & Forest on the 5th floor


As a space for various cultural exhibitions, you can see the exhibitions of various artists. You can buy a ticket right on the spot and visit it. So, if there is an exhibition you are interested in, I recommend that you watch.

2. Sunok’s Myeongga(순옥이네 명가)

This is a famous restaurant in Jeju Island, famous for Korean-style seafood dishes and pot rice. Abalone pot rice is a famous menu.

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