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Today, I would like to introduce you to a Korean buffet chain called Ashley Queens. A buffet-style family restaurant. At the begining it was called Ashley not queens. but this restaurant opened in the early 2000s and was popular with Koreans. However, its popularity declined over time, and upscale versions were opened, adding sushi or bbq menus. That’s Ashley Queens, a restaurant I’d like to introduce today.

There are not only pasta and steak here, but also Korean food, so it is a recommended place for those who want to taste various foods. In particular, you can eat unlimited beer and wine at affordable price.

Ashley Queens

1. Location / Opening Hours

Although the number of stores has decreased significantly compared to the past, there are still several chain stores nationwide. In Seoul alone, there are currently 16 stores. If you search through Google, you can easily find the store you can go to.

Hours of use are generally from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm, but may vary depending on the store. Please check the business hours through Google Maps.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 11:00-21:00
Ashley Queens

2. Price

Ashley Queens is on weekdays and evenings, and on weekends. It is divided into three categories. Weekday evenings and weekends have additional menus as they are pricey. Lunch time here is until 5:00 PM, so if you stay in the store after 5:00 PM, you have to pay the dinner price even if you enter before 5:00 PM.

Ashley Queens Price

(free for infants under 36 months)

3. How to enter / How to use

During lunch and dinner times, there may be a wait due to the large number of customers. If you avoid this time, you can have a more leisurely meal.

You can pay using the kiosk on the left when entering. You can order in English as the kiosk has a language change feature. If you pay using the kiosk, you can check the seat assigned automatically on the receipt. If you want to change seats, ask the clerk and they will change it for you. However, the kiosk only accepts credit card payments.

Ashley Queens kiosk

If it is difficult to use the kiosk or if you want to pay in cash, you can proceed with the payment through the counter clerk. Also, if there are a lot of guests, there is a time limit of 2 hours.

Ashley Queens sign
Ashley Queens sign

And when you leave after your meal, turn the exit sign in red and leave.

4. Unlimited beer and wine

Ashley Queens Unlimited beer and wine

Ashley Queens has beer and wine dispensers in the food section. Pay 4,900 won per person for unlimited beer and wine is provid. Two kinds of beer and one kind of red wine and white wine are prepared. Likewise, if you request to the clerk and pay, will bring you a usable glass.

5. Menu

Most of Ashley Queens’ menus are written in English. So it’s not difficult to determine what kind of food it is. However, some menus are note translated.

Strawberry corner

Ashley Queens Strawberry
Ashley Queens Strawberry

Strawberries are currently in season in South Korea. Because of this, the menu in the store is operated with a strawberry theme. Therefore, you can find the various strawberry menus. The size of Ashley Queens’ strawberries wasn’t huge, but they were delicious.

(The Strawberry theme will only run until February, and the theme will continue to change.)

Hot Food

Ashley Queens hot food
Ashley Queens hot food

You can taste fried whole squid, fried chicken, fish steak, and grilled vegetables.

(The menu provided for dinner and weekends will be introduced below.)

Ashley Queens Tteokbokki
Ashley Queens Tteokbokki

You can taste Tteokbokki(Spicy Stir-fried rice cake) which are Koreans’ favorite snack foods. In particular, Tteokbokki offers various versions such as carbonara and rosé.


Ashley Queens pasta

Various styles of pasta such as aglio olio, cream pasta, and rosé pasta are also provided.

Live noodle section

Ashley Queens live noodles
Ashley Queens live noodles

There are two menus, udon and rice noodles. Choose a menu, talk to the staff, and they’ll serve you the noodles you want. You can then add the toppings in front of you.

Sushi corner

Ashley Queens sushi
Ashley Queens sushi

Ashley Queens also serves sushi. You can taste tako wasabi, shrimp sushi, cutlet sushi, etc.

(The menu provided for dinner and weekends will be explained further below.)

Salad, fruit

Ashley Queens sushi
Ashley Queens sushi

You can taste various types of salads and fruits.

Korean food corner

Ashley Queens sushi
Ashley Queens sushi

A variety of Korean food menus are provided, including kimchi that can be eaten with warm rice.

Taco corner

Ashley Queens sushi
Ashley Queens sushi

There is also a taco corner on one side. Tortillas, meats and vegetables that can be eaten on top, and guacamole also are provided.

Soup corner

Ashley Queens sushi
Ashley Queens sushi

You can taste soup dishes such as clam chowder and corn soup.

Korean Chinese

Ashley Queens sushi
Ashley Queens sushi

Ashley Queens serves Korean-style Chinese cuisine. Sweet and sour pork fried, fried eggplant in chili sauce, and stir-fried noodles are served.


Ashley Queens sushi
Ashley Queens sushi

A variety of beverages are provided, including a soft drink server, coffee machine, and tea.


Ashley Queens sushi
Ashley Queens sushi

Desserts include a variety of cakes, breads and chocolates. There were also many desserts using strawberries.

Ashley Queens sushi
Ashley Queens sushi

And Ashley Queens has a corner where you can bake your own waffles. After putting the dough directly into the waffle machine and baking it. you can eat it by putting various toppings on it. It was a well-baked waffle, so it was delicious.

Additional Paid Menu

Ashley Queens add menu

For an additional fee, you can order menus not served at the buffet.

6. Additional menu for dinner, weekends and holidays

Due to the higher prices for dinner, weekends and holidays, a few extras menus are offered.


Ashley Queens salmon
Ashley Queens salmon sushi

Smoked salmon and salmon sushi are served at the sushi corner. Smoked salmon comes with sour cream and capers to accompany it.

Grilled Shrimp

Ashley Queens shirimp

Served with grilled shrimp marinated in herbs.

Smoked Duck

Ashley Queens smoked duck

Grilled smoked duck served with mustard sauce.


Ashley Queens steak bell
Ashley Queens steak

If you press the bell in the picture, the clerk puts the steak on a plate. Then, you can eat it with various garnish. However, personally, the steak was tough, so the quality was disappointing.

I have introduced Korea’s buffet chain store, Ashley Queens. This restaurant is recommended for those who want to taste various foods while traveling in Korea.

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