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Coffee is a staple in the daily lives of Koreans. So, when traveling around South Korea, you’ll come across a wide variety of coffee shops. But, with so many options, it can be hard to know where to go. That’s why I introducing 3 Affordable Take-Out Coffee Chains in South Korea. At a budget-friendly price of just 1,500 won (almost $1).

These popular coffee chains have locations all over the country, making them easy to find no matter where you are. All three chains serve a style of coffee popular with Koreans that is more burnt and less sour.

These chains are great for takeout, but some locations also have seating for those who want to enjoy their coffee on-site. Just keep in mind that prices may differ depending on whether you’re ordering for here or to go, and whether you want your coffee hot or iced.

All of these cafes sell a variety of coffee menus, other drink menu and desserts. With so many delicious options to choose from, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

Mega Coffee Americano and crople
Mega Coffee Dessert

How to order at Coffee Chains

mega coffee kiosk
Palk’s Coffee kiosks

Most of the three stores take orders using kiosks. You can place an order in English through the language button at the bottom left. However, orders can only be made when paying by credit card, so if paying in cash, please place your order at the counter.

The important thing here is whether to here or to go. In Korea, to reduce the use of disposable products for the environment, it is prohibited to provide disposable products in stores. Therefore, if you receive a drink in a take-out cup, you cannot drink it at the store.

How to find a store a Coffe Chains

You can easily find a store near you by entering the name below into Google Maps. However, there were cases where some stores did not appear in English search. If there is no store nearby, try searching with the Korean name that is marked together.

1. Mega Coffee(메가 커피)

Mega Coffee
Mega Coffee

It has the largest number of stores among the three chains introduced. Just like the name Mega, the base capacity of the coffee is very high. In addition, there is a 32oz coffee menu, so it is recommended when you want to drink a large amount of coffee.

Mega Coffee menu
Mega Coffee menu

Americano 1,500 won(Hot)/2,000 won(Ice)

32 oz coffee (Ice only) 3,000

2. Compose Coffee(컴포즈 커피)

Compose Coffee
Compose Coffee Americano

Unlike other cafes, Compose Coffee offers different price for here or to go. The Americano standard drink price starts at 2,500 won, and the take out drink price is discounted by 1,000 won. with another difference, the price of Hot/Ice Americano is the same.

(English menu support only at Kiosks)

Compose Coffee menu

Americano 2,500 won(Hot/Ice) – (Take out 1,500 won)

3. Paik’s Coffee(빽다방, Paikdabang)

Paik’s Coffee
Paik’s Coffee Ice Americano

This is a chain coffee shop by famous Korean chef Paik Jong-won. cafe is using his face character as the their logo. Besides Americano, “Original Mix Coffee” is popular, which is a menu of old Korean mixed coffee style(coffee with sugar and cream).

(sell more beverage products as part of our menu.)

Paik’s Coffee menu

Americano 1,500 (Hot)/2,000 (Ice)

Bbak size Americano (ice only) 3,000 (Big size coffe, yellow mark)

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