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Thai temples are a must-see when traveling to Bangkok. Wat Pho Temple is famous for its Reclining Buddha, and it’s also popular because it has a massage school inside where you can get a massage from a trained masseuse.

1. Wat Pho Temple location

Wat Pho Temple is located alongside the Grand Palace of Thailand, which is why many people visit the Grand Palace and Wat Pho together. I initially thought about visiting Wat Pho and then going to the Grand Palace, but it was too hot to visit the Grand Palace.

Then, across the Chao Phraya River, you’ll find the most famous temple in Bangkok, Wat Arun.

It’s located at the bottom of Khaosan Road, so I thought it would be a good idea to combine it with Khaosan Road. Since my hostel was on Khaosan Road, I started my morning with Wat Pho. It was about a 20-30 minute walk from Khao San Road to Wat Pho Temple, but it was so hot that I gave up on walking.

2. Entrance / Entrance Fee

  • Entrance fee : 200 baht
  • Opening hours : 08:00 ~ 18:30

Wat Pho Temple had entrances from several directions. I marked Wat Arun Massage School on my map and took a bolt motorcycle taxi, so I was able to enter through the east entrance where the massage school is located.

3. Dressing for Wat Pho Temple

Sleeveless, flip-flops, or shorts are not allowed in Thai temples, so I wore long pants and sneakers to enter the temple on this day.

4. Booking a massage at Wat Pho

There are two buildings where you can get a massage, but you can go into either one and get the same service. I was told that the massages at the Wappo Massage School are very popular and that there is usually a wait after booking. So I went to the Wappo Massage School first to book my massage.

Wat Pho Massage school

I was told that it would take about 50 minutes. They gave me a numbered ticket and I left, telling them that I would come back after exploring the temple.

5. Wat Pho Temple

Wat Pho Temple

Wat Pho Temple was a large temple with a lot to see besides the famous reclining Buddha statue.

I had time before my massage, so I took my time exploring Temple.

6. Wat Pho Golden Reclining Buddha

As is typical of Wat Pho temples, there is a line to enter the temple. But even if the line is long, it quickly shrinks as the statue is slowly being removed.

Once you’re in line, the guides will give you a pouch to put your shoes in. And if you’re wearing a hat, you’ll have to take it off.

Wat Pho Golden Reclining Buddha

When you go inside, you’ll see a huge Reclining Buddha statue. People were taking pictures, putting coins on it, and enjoying it in various ways.

7. Wat Pho Massage

After visiting Wat Pho Temple, I went back for my massage appointment.

I was pretty much right on time when I told the counter, so I was able to get in with little to no wait.

1) Massage Cost

Wat Pho Massage school cost

A basic Thai massage costs 480 baht for one hour. Compared to the cheaper massages you can get in Bangkok. I’d say it’s on the cheaper side, and cheaper than some of the more upscale brands like Health Lend. However, you have to pay an additional fee to enter Wat Pho Temple to get a massage here. So if you’re not interested in visiting the temple or have already seen it before, the extra cost may seem more significant.

2) Massage reviews

The place where you get the massage is a bit far from luxurious or private, as it’s just a regular room with a bunch of other stuff, and you’re there for the massage. If you expect a massage that is completely covered with curtains, you may be disappointed.

Personally, I was satisfied with the massage itself. Especially because I had a male masseuse who has strength and his massage skills were good.

However, I personally wouldn’t go back to Wappo Temple for a massage. Because I had satisfactory massages elsewhere on this trip. You have to pay a separate entrance fee to get inside, and the location is far away.

This is my second time in Bangkok but my first time to visit the temple as I’m not really interested in temples. But it was more than I expected as the temple is bigger than I thought and it’s elaborate and beautiful. Especially since you can get a high quality massage at the same time.