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Traveling by rental car in Switzerland offers the freedom to explore at your own pace and the convenience of carrying all your luggage comfortably. However, finding parking in cities like Zurich and Lucerne can be stressful due to the unfamiliar locations and high parking fees.

I started my journey in Lucerne, staying near Zurich Airport the night before. Lucerne is a popular initial destination due to its proximity to Zurich. The city offers attractions such as the Chapel Bridge and the Lion Monument, as well as beautiful views from Mount Rigi. During my trip, I visited Lucerne twice and used two different parking lots. Here are the pros and cons of each.

Bahnhofparking P1 + P2

The first parking lot I recommend is Bahnhofparking, directly connected to Lucerne Station.

Parking spaces at Bahnhofparking connected to Lucerne Station


  1. Prime Location: The parking lot’s prime advantage is its location. It connects to the underground level of Lucerne Station, which hosts several shops including the Swiss supermarket chain Coop and the popular burger restaurant Holy Cow. There’s also a paid restroom on this level.
  2. Proximity to Attractions: It’s close to the Chapel Bridge, although a bit of a walk to the Lion Monument.
  3. Large Capacity: The parking lot is spacious with plenty of parking spots and elevators for easy access between levels.
Elevators at Bahnhofparking leading to Lucerne Station's underground level

Parking Fees

The cost is 4 CHF for the first hour and an additional 3 CHF for every subsequent hour. Compared to other parking lots, this is quite standard, but if you’re looking to save a bit more, you might consider other options, especially for longer parking durations. The fee details were referenced from the Parkopedia app, a useful tool for finding and comparing parking prices across Europe.


The second parking lot I recommend is City-Parking. This one is about a 15-minute walk from Lucerne Station but is closer to the Lion Monument.

City-Parking in Lucerne


  1. Close to the Lion Monument: If you plan to visit the Lion Monument, this parking lot is conveniently located.
  2. Lower Costs: The primary advantage is the cost. It’s 3 CHF for the first hour and 2 CHF for each additional hour, making it cheaper than Bahnhofparking, especially for longer stays.
Entrance to City-Parking in Lucerne


  1. Smaller and Steeper: The parking lot feels more cramped with narrow, steep ramps. Finding available spots can be challenging.
  2. Limited Accessibility: We had difficulty finding an elevator, which was inconvenient for family members using a wheelchair.

Parking Fees

Both Bahnhofparking and City-Parking offer distinct advantages depending on your itinerary and budget. Bahnhofparking is ideal for shorter visits with its convenient location and ample space, while City-Parking is better for longer stays due to its lower cost, despite the accessibility issues.