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I want to share my experience at Thipsamai a renowned pad thai chain store in Thailand that is widely recognized. During my recent trip to Bangkok, I visited Thipsamai at Icon Siam, the city’s most popular shopping mall.


Icon Siam

Icon Siam is a sprawling shopping mall offering a wide range of attractions, including Sook Siam on the B1 floor, luxury shops, and famous restaurants. Thipsamai at Icon Siam, the focus of today’s post, is situated on the 6th floor alongside other dining establishments.

Getting to Icon Siam is most conveniently done by heading to the pier at Saphan Taksin Station. And taking advantage of the complimentary shuttle boat provided by Icon Siam.

The shuttle boat service from Icon Siam to Saphan Taksin Station was free when I visited, but it transitioned to a paid service (10 Baht) starting from May 16th.

On my visit, I took a motorcycle taxi for the journey there and utilized the free shuttle boat for the return trip, alighting at the innermost part of the pier. Following the crowd is advisable since many people will be heading towards the free boat.

Business Hours

  • 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

While most malls in Bangkok follow similar operating hours, Icon Siam distinguishes itself by staying open late.

Thipsamai english Menu

Thipsamai at Icon Siam offers several pad thai options. The menu includes an expensive variation featuring crab meat called Padthai Song-Kreuung. Below that, you can find more affordable choices such as tiger prawn pad thai, regular pad thai, plain prawn pad thai, and a vegetarian version. Word has it that there’s no need to splurge on the expensive menu at Thipsamai, so I decided to order from the options below.

Although the cheapest plain pad thai is said to be delicious, I opted for the shrimp pad thai cooked with egg. Additionally, I couldn’t resist trying the famous orange juice, so I ordered a large serving.

Orange Juice

Thipsamai Orange Juice

I was intrigued by Bangkok’s most renowned orange juice. It boasted a rich flavor, likely derived from freshly squeezed oranges. The sweetness was exceptionally delightful. Some servings even included chewable orange pulp, enhancing the overall experience.

The absence of any hanging parts in the orange flesh made it even more enjoyable, as the peel had been carefully removed. Since I ordered a large serving, it was quite substantial, and I couldn’t finish it while eating. Instead, I sipped on it as I strolled around Icon Siam.

However, it should be noted that this orange juice is quite expensive, even for me as a Korean traveler. Therefore, I’m not sure if I’ll indulge in it again next time. Considering the relatively small portion of pad thai, it might be more satisfying to order an additional classic pad thai.

Shrimp Pad Thai

Thipsamai Pad Thai

I chose the shrimp pad thai, eagerly anticipating the visually appealing presentation I had seen on the internet. The shrimp crackers, infused with shrimp oil, emitted a striking aroma. As for the taste, it perfectly suited my palate.

Despite some previous reviews mentioning excessive sweetness, I found it to be just right. Unlike some street vendor pad thai dishes I had tried before, which had a distinct artificial sweetness or tasted overly processed, Thipsamai’s pad thai stood out for its genuine and delicious flavors.

Accompaniments such as red pepper, sugar, and vinegar were provided on the side, allowing me to customize the dish to my liking. A touch of vinegar and red pepper transformed the flavor, making it an enjoyable experience.

Siam Paragon

Towards the end of my trip, I decided to make a brief visit to Siam Paragon. While I was there, I discovered Thipsamai, which is actually a food court rather than a standalone restaurant. I was a bit hesitant about trying it again, but since it was dinner time and the place was bustling with a large crowd, I didn’t have enough time to wait and opted to leave.

Thipsamai at Siam Paragon

While exploring Siam Paragon, I stumbled upon a section dedicated to instant products. Initially, I didn’t pay much attention to them, but I thought it would be a great idea to purchase at least one sauce as a memento. I made a mental note that on my next visit to Bangkok, I would definitely buy one.

During my trip to Bangkok, Thailand, I had the pleasure of dining at Thipsamai, a remarkable restaurant located in Icon Siam. Prior to that, I had only savored pad thai from street vendors, so the experience at Thipsamai was truly delightful. Personally, I found their serving size of pad thai to be on the smaller side, so even when dining alone, I would typically order two portions to fully satisfy my appetite.