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Currently, the most popular night market in Bangkok seems to be the Jodd Fairs night market. It’s always crowded, but some people may not want to go to a place with too many people and prefer to experience the atmosphere of Bangkok’s night markets in a more relaxed setting.

For those people, I would recommend the The One Ratchada Night Market (formerly known as Talad Rot Fai 2 Night Market), where they can enjoy the atmosphere of Bangkok’s night markets in a more leisurely atmosphere.

Location of The One Ratchada Night Market

Although I don’t dislike being around a lot of people, this time I wanted to avoid crowded situations. That’s why I found The One Ratchada Night Market, which is conveniently located near the MRT line and can be easily accessed by subway.

How to get to The One Ratchada Night Market (MRT Station)

Sukhumvit Station

I traveled from Asok Station to the The One Nakhon Ratchasima Night Market. To get there, you need to go to the MRT station “Thailand Cultural Centre.”

Unlike the BTS line, MRT is not an above-ground train but rather an underground subway. The station name is not Asok Station but Sukhumvit Station. At first, I had trouble finding the entrance to the MRT from Asok Station.

Sukhumvit Station

If you’ve arrived by Terminal 21 of Asok Station, you need to go to the first floor and enter the MRT through the entrance. Please note that MRT and BTS are completely different metro lines, so you need to purchase tickets separately.

When you go down to the subway through the MRT entrance, you will see a place where you can buy tickets from a vending machine. First, press the English button on the upper right and select the station you want to go to. The ticket price will be displayed. It cost 21 baht from Sukhumvit Station to Thailand Cultural Centre.

The ticket from the vending machine looks like a coin. When you enter the subway, you need to tap it, just like a transportation card. When you exit, you insert the coin to leave.

Thailand Cultural Centre Station

If you exit from exit 3 of the MRT, you can get to The One Ratchada Night Market faster. When you come out and go up a little, you will see the large shopping mall Esplanade. Take the left road and follow it to find the night market. There are signs, so you can easily find it.

Exploring The One Ratchada Night Market

The One Ratchada Night Market

The Dawon Lachaada Night Market was very relaxed with few people, especially since the day I went was a Thai holiday. Although it was a little early, there weren’t many people watching, but there were almost no empty shops at the night market. Therefore, it seemed like a good place to enjoy various foods and shopping.

The One Ratchada Night Market
The One Ratchada Night Market

Leng zabb (Spicy Pork Backbone Soup)

One of the dishes I wanted to try when I went to Bangkok was Leng zabb. It was one of the biggest reasons why I visited The One Ratchada Night Market.

Since I didn’t do any special research in the market, I went into a restaurant that caught my eye while walking around the night market. However, I felt a little awkward because I was alone while the other diners were eating. The restaurant didn’t have any special taste, and I don’t think there was much difference in taste and price between the restaurants in the night market, so I won’t introduce it separately.

Since I was alone, I ordered the smallest size of Langsuan and rice. The price of the smallest Langsuan was 190 baht.

Leng zabb (Spicy Pork Backbone Soup)

When I ordered, they asked if I was okay with spicy food. Since I like spicy food, I replied that it was okay.

This is the smallest leng zabb. You may have seen a pile of pork ribs like a mountain in a photo, but they served it in a similar way, but in a smaller size. As you can see, there were a lot of chili peppers in the soup.

Leng zabb (Spicy Pork Backbone Soup)

First, I tried the Leng zabb broth. It had a sour taste like lime or vinegar, and a soup taste like rice noodles with a lot of spicy flavor due to the chili. There were so many peppers that my mouth was numb while eating. If you are not used to spicy food, I recommend asking for it to be less spicy.

The meat was pork bones. there was a fair amount of meat, so I was full after eating.

Free Toilet Tip

Esplanade Ratchada

When I went, the toilet at the entrance of The One Ratchada Night Market building was charged. I was thinking of paying to use it, but then I remembered the large shopping mall at the entrance. So I went in and there was a pleasant toilet that could be used for free. The mall’s name is Esplanade Ratchada. There is also a popular After You dessert cafe here, and there was no waiting compared to other places. You can also go together.

I introduced The One Ratchada Night Market, one of Bangkok’s night markets. It is a good place to leisurely visit the night market because it is relatively less crowded.

By the way, if you want to go to the popular Jodd Fairs night market. you can get off at “Phra Ram 9” station, which is one subway stop in front of The One Ratchada. If you want to go to both places, walking is also a good option as it is about a 20-minute walk from The One Ratchada. I finished visiting The One Ratchada and walked to Jodd Fairs night market, but there were too many people and I quickly left. I will introduce the atmosphere of Jodd Fairs night market in another posting.