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Sushi Kantaro was the last restaurant I visited before leaving Sapporo on my first trip to Hokkaido. It left a lasting impression on me because I had a delicious meal there at Sapporo New Chitose Airport. Therefore, as soon as I arrived at the airport this time, I looked for Sushi Kantaro as my first meal.


Sushi Kantaro is situated in Gourmet World, a restaurant area located on the 3rd floor of New Chitose Airport.

Sushi Kantaro

If you are arriving from Korea, to get to Sushi Kantaro, go up one floor and walk straight in the direction of domestic flights. At Sapporo New Chitose Airport, there are not many shopping areas for international flights. Restaurants and souvenir shops are concentrated in the domestic flights area.


Due to its popularity at Sapporo New Chitose Airport, there is always a wait at this restaurant. During my visit, it was slightly outside of mealtime, but there were still a few people waiting. After waiting for about 15 minutes, I was able to be seated.

Sushi Kantaro Menu / Tablet order

There was no sushi on the conveyor belt, possibly due to the aftermath of the conveyor belt sushi incident I saw on the news. As a result, I was able to order sushi through 100% order.

You can order from the menu using the tablet located in front of your seat. Korean language is also supported, so you can order without any inconvenience.

In the past, I remember having to order from a separate menu by looking at the menu and writing the number on a piece of paper, but now it is much more convenient.

Sushi Kantaro Menu

In addition to being able to order from the menu, you can also check how much you have ordered so far and call the staff to pay. Payment is made by bringing the receipt to the counter.

For reference, the sushi here is delicious, but it is on the expensive side. Therefore, I was unable to order a variety of crab dishes with peace of mind.

Sushi Kantaro

When you sit down, there are green tea powder, pickled ginger, and soy sauce prepared in front of you.

To drink the green tea powder, put the powder in a cup and pour water using the water heater in front of you.

egg sushi

First, I ordered egg sushi to start with a moderate taste.

a sushi set of three types of tuna

Next was a sushi set of three types of tuna, which were expensive but delicious.

The different parts of the tuna provided a fun tasting experience. In particular, the middle sushi was very greasy and savory.

raw scallop sushi

I ordered raw scallop sushi again, and it was still soft and delicious. However, it was priced at 480 yen per piece, so it was a bit expensive.

The sushi with pickled mackerel

The sushi with pickled mackerel was not as greasy and savory as I had hoped, so I was disappointed.

The crab intestine sushi

The crab intestine sushi had a slightly strong seasoning for my taste, but the taste of the intestines was very rich and good.

tuna roll

I ordered one more tuna belly roll because the portion size was not enough.

The tuna taste was not very strong, but it was still good.

I introduced Sushi Kantaro, a restaurant located in Sapporo New Chitose Airport that serves delicious sushi. Although the price point is a bit high, this is understandable given the fact that sushi is generally an expensive food.

The restaurant is easily accessible, making it a great recommendation. I recommend considering it as a meal option when starting or returning from a trip to Sapporo New Chitose airport.