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In a previous post, I discussed how to reach Koh Samet, a destination near Bangkok, by bus. This time, I would like to introduce SaiKaew Beach Resort, where I stayed on Ko Samet Island. This resort is located on the main beach of Koh Samet, Sai Kaew Beach, and offers spacious and comfortable rooms, a beautiful private beach, and a delicious breakfast buffet.

Saikaew Beach

I was very satisfied with my stay, and I believe that even solo travelers like myself can have a fulfilling vacation experience on Koh Samet.

Saikaew Beach Resort Location

8/1 Moo 4 Tumbol Phe Koh Samet Koh Samet Rayong 21160, Thailand

Saikaew Beach Resort Lobby / Counter

  • Check-in time – 15:00
  • Check-out time – 11:00
Saikaew Beach Resort Lobby

Take a truck taxi from Koh Samet Pier, and you will see the resort lobby right away. The lobby is open to the outdoors, making it feel like you’re at a resort in a resort area, which is a nice touch.

Transfer between resort rooms using a cart.

At Sai Kaew Beach Resort, the rooms are not situated in a single building. There are cottage rooms in individual buildings and premier rooms in a new building. Additionally, there are various types of rooms, such as those with a view of the sea or those near the pool. I chose to book the Cottage Room due to its affordability.

Cottage rooms are spread throughout the large resort, so expect to walk a fair amount. Upon check-in, the staff will load your luggage onto a cart and drive you to your room. They would likely offer you a ride upon check-out or upon request, but I chose to carry my luggage myself.

Saikaew Beach Resort Guest Room

I booked a deluxe room, which was the cheapest option, and was satisfied with the spacious and comfortable space.

Saikaew Beach Resort Guest Room

The room had a wide window that offered a view of the well-landscaped resort with trees. However, most rooms kept the curtains closed for privacy.

Saikaew Beach Resort Guest Room

The bed was nice and big, with a long stool in front that made for a comfortable reading spot.

The unique feature of the room was the bathroom. It had a separate space with a sink and toilet, and a separate shower. Instead of having a closet in the room, there was one in the bathroom. The shower space was divided, which kept the room from getting too humid.

The room also had amenities, including mosquito repellent. Though I didn’t use it, I appreciated having it because there were quite a few mosquitoes on the island and I got bitten several times. I didn’t see any mosquitoes in the room, probably because I put the repellent on the door.

The shower space was particularly large, and the roof above was not completely covered, which gave it a unique outdoor shower feel. There was a separate space to hang swimsuits or clothes on the side, which was useful when swimming and drying off.

The room was part of a group of 3-4 attached rooms, and had a chair outside where guests could enjoy the view or read a book.

Facilities inside the Saikaew Beach Resort

As a large resort, this place offers a variety of facilities. Of note are three swimming pools, although I did not make use of the indoor pool as I preferred to swim at Sai Kaew Beach.

There is also a playground suitable for young children, as well as a fitness center for exercise enthusiasts.

Saikaew Beach Resort Swimming Pool

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the resort was the opportunity to observe the animals that inhabit it. The environment is so conducive to life that many different species of birds can be seen here.

I was able to spot a variety of birds while walking around the resort and could hear birdsongs both inside and outside my accommodation.

Beachside restaurant and private beach.

Saikaew Beach

From the resort lobby, head to the side to find the resort-operated restaurant and the private Sai Keu Beach. You can enjoy dining while looking at the beautiful blue sea.

Breakfast buffet

  • Breakfast time – 07:00 ~ 10:30
Saikaew Beach Resort Breakfast restaurant

Breakfast is served at Mango, a restaurant located next to the front desk of Sai Kaew Beach Resort. During my visit, the restaurant was crowded with many customers.

A variety of food was offered, including fresh salads, fruits, Thai dishes, bread, and egg dishes. It was nice to see tropical fruits like dragon fruit available as well.

The egg corner had various options, from fried eggs to French toast and omelets.

What I was particularly satisfied with was the rice noodle corner. It was great to be able to boil rice noodles right away and eat them with various garnishes or sauces. I added a lot of meat to my rice noodles and found it to be delicious.

Overall, this was the breakfast that I was most satisfied with during my trip to Bangkok, Thailand.

Sai Kaew Beach Resort is an excellent accommodation choice on Koh Samet Island, a travel destination near Bangkok known for its clean and clear sea. I made a reservation at a low price of around under $100 per night and was able to relax while enjoying good facilities, beautiful sea views, and delicious breakfast. If you are planning to travel to Ko Samet Island, we highly recommend Sai Kaew Beach Resort.

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