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For lunch, I found a restaurant close to the hotel where I stayed, “The Quart Ruamrudee by UHG.” This restaurant appears frequently in Thailand travel reviews and is marked as a must-visit. It is one of the most popular restaurants and has been awarded a Michelin Bib Gourmand.

polo fired chicken


Polo Fried Chicken

If you want to take the subway to go to Polo Fried Chicken, get off at Lumpini Station and walk for about 10 minutes. It is approximately a 20-minute walk from Phloen Chit, a station on the popular BTS line. Polo Fried Chicken is also very close to Lumpini Park. After dinner, it would be nice to explore the park. I took a walk in Lumpini Park after lunch.

Polo Fried Chicken’s signature dish is, unsurprisingly, fried chicken. It is recommended to eat it with papaya salad for the best flavor. They also have a variety of pork, beef, and soup dishes. Desserts, ice cream, and other items are also available.

Polo Fried Chicken Menu
Polo Fried Chicken Menu

Since I was dining alone, I ordered half a fried chicken and corn som tam with shrimp. I also ordered extra sticky rice. People also recommend the fried pork belly as a delicious dish. Unfortunately, I couldn’t order it since I was alone. If you are visiting with a group, we recommend trying it!

Fried chicken

Polo Fried Chicken

The chicken is lightly battered, grilled in the old-fashioned style of a whole fried chicken, and sliced for easy eating. The fried shallots sprinkled on top of the chicken enhance its taste. The tempura has an excellent savory taste and crispy texture.

chili sauce
chili sauce

Two types of chili sauce are served with the meal. One is a typical sweet chili sauce, and the other has a strong flavor of fish sauce, with a rich and spicy taste. Personally, I preferred the sweet sauce.

glutinous rice

I ate it with glutinous rice because chicken and chili sauce seem to pair well with it. The glutinous rice was served wrapped in a plastic bag to prevent it from drying out. I sprinkled chili sauce on the rice and topped it with chicken, and it was also delicious.

Corn som tam (papaya salad)

Corn Som Tam

The papaya salad is fresh and sweet, with a mild fish sauce taste that most people can enjoy without difficulty. Sweet corn is added to make it even more delicious. It is a refreshing combination, especially when paired with chicken.

In summary, Polo Fried Chicken is a popular restaurant in Bangkok. The taste of the chicken itself was not particularly special, but when it is combined with fried shallots, chili sauce, and sticky rice, it tastes amazing. This restaurant also provides delivery service, so if it’s too far to visit, I recommend ordering delivery!