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If you’re looking for a delicious and trendy spot to grab a bagel while visiting Bukchon Hanok Village, look no further than the London Bagel Museum. This popular shop has gained widespread recognition in South Korea, having been featured on television programs and online such as YouTube and instagram.

I recently visited the London Bagel Museum and can attest to the delicious and chewy bagels available in a variety of flavors.

London Bagel Museum
London Bagel Museum menu

The interior of the London Bagel Museum is great, with a cute and Instagrammable design. As much as the name London is included in the store name, you can see pictures of the Queen of England everywhere. There are cute props all over the place, so it’s good for taking pictures. Store goods such as mugs and eco bags were also sold.

London Bagel Museum Goods
London Bagel Museum


The Anguk branch, located nearby Bukchon Hanok Village, is the main branch and Dosan branch offers a shorter wait time compared to the Anguk. But Anguk Branch, which is close to Bukchon Hanok Village, will be accessible to many tourists.

Anguk Branch – 20 Bukchon-ro 4-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Dosan Branch – 642-25 Sinsa-dong, Seoul

Jamsil – 300 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul LOTTE WORLD MALL

Jeju – Jeju-si, Gujwa-eup, Dongbok-ro, 85

Opening hours

The London Bagel Museum opens early in the morning, making it a great spot for breakfast. However, it closes early, so it’s best to visit in the morning when there is less of a wait. Avoid visiting later in the day, as there may be a long wait or the bagels may be sold out.

8:00 – 18:00

London Bagel Museum
London Bagel Museum


The London Bagel Museum is known for its long wait times. However, since the shop is using a waiting service rather than standing in line, it is possible to line up comfortably, such as going to another place for a while after waiting.

First, you have to choose whether you want to eat bagels in store or take out. If you do takeout, you can buy bagels quickly because inside dining is required more waiting. However, please note that you cannot take out the soup in the store. (The London Bagel Museum soup is also a popular menu.)

When you arrive in front of the store, you can stand a line using on a small tablet. English is supported, but you must have a phone number to wait. However, most tourists doesn’t have a phone number when they travel in South Korea. At this time, if you ask the manager in front of shop to wait, manager will issue you a waiting number, and when it is your turn, call the number and guide you.

After waiting, there is a line again after entering the store. The line isn’t long, so you can slowly walk around the store to see what menu you will order.

London Bagel Museum waiting
London Bagel Museum waiting

waiting app

The London Bagel Museum offers a remote waiting service called “tabling“. With this app, you can reduce waiting time by queuing before arriving at the store. However, this app only supports Korean and requires entering a phone number to sign up, which is cumbersome and difficult for foreign tourists to use.

London Bagel Museum menu

It’s full of variety and delicious-looking bagels. There is a price range, so check the amount carefully before purchasing. By default, all menus are written in English. You can pick up a tray and tongs for bagels and put them directly at the checkout counter. Also You can purchase soup or coffee by looking at the menu board.

London Bagel Museum Potato Chesse Bagel
London Bagel Museum Cream Chesse


Plain Bagel(3800), Potato Cheese Bagel(5500), Salt butter bagel(4700), Blueberry bagel(4700), Everying Bagel(4700), Dark chocolate bagel(4900), Pepperoni cheese(5500), Pretzel Plain bagel(4700), Onion Bagel(4700), Pretzel butter salt(5900), black olive bagel(4700), Sesame bagel(4700), Basil oesto bagel(4700), Cinammon Pecan bagel(4700), Fig bagel(4700), Spring onion pretzel(8500)


Bricklane sandwich(6800), Jambon butter bagel(8500), Bacon potato Sandwich(14800)

Cream Cheese

Plain(3300), Lemon Curd(3800), Maple Pecan(3800), Garlikc spring onion(3800), salmon capers(4300), raspberry homemade jam(3800), bacon onion(4300), carlgrey milk jam(3800), basil pesto(3800), fig and walnut(4300), Truffle pseto(4300)


Espresso(5000), Americcano(5000), Cafe latte(6000), Flat white(6000), Capuccino(6000), Vanilla latte(6500) ,Oats latte(7000)

Non coffee

Lemonade(7500), Eargrey tea(6500), Rooibos tea(6500), Beer bigwave(9000)


Tomato rose soup(10500), Mushroom soup(12800)


Carrot rapees(6800), Cole slow(4800)

This is the standard menu at Anguk branch. (Tomato soup available only at Anguk branch.)

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