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Kha Mu Charoensang Silom is a famous Bangkok restaurant that serves Thai-style pork trotters. I love pork trotters, so I had this restaurant on my list of places to visit. But it’s not close to Asoke Station or Khao San Road, where I stayed, so I had to make a special trip to get there. Especially since it opens early in the morning and closes before 1:00 p.m. Not as a morning person, I wasn’t sure if I can go. But then I heard about Lineman App delivery, so I had it delivered for breakfast.

Kha Mu Charoensang Silom Delivery Take out

1. The Lineman App

There are a lot of delivery apps in Bangkok, and you can order breakfast through Lineman. To install the Lineman app, you need to have the Line messenger app installed as well. I recommend installing the Line messenger app beforehand as you’ll be using it a lot when traveling in Bangkok.

App Install : App Store / Google Playstore

2. Kha Mu Charoensang Silom Opening Hours

  • 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Kha Mu Charoensang Silom’s business hours start at 7am and end at 1pm. However, they do close early when they run out of ingredients, so we recommend ordering or visiting as early as possible.

3. Delivery hours

I checked with a lineman early in the morning to see if there were any orders available from the time they opened, and I was able to place a delivery order through the app around 8am. The restaurant is very crowded in the early morning hours, so I think they open the delivery order after the customers have left the restaurant.

4. How to order

1. Install the Line Man app and log in through Line Messenger.

2. Go to the LINE app and find the restaurant (you can search by the name below or go to the link).

  • Pseudonym: สั่งไลน์แมนร้าน ขาหมูเจริญแสงสีลม (KamooCharoenSang) Silom

3. Select your favorite menu.

4. Select cash payment when placing your order, and check if you need any disposable items.

  • IMPORTANT!!! : When I placed my order, the default setting was set to no disposables, so I didn’t receive any cutlery.

5. Select the hotel you’re staying at as your address, and include your phone number.

  • In my case, I had a cell phone that could make phone calls, so I added my phone number. If you have a cell phone that can’t make phone calls, you can add your hotel phone number, etc. and write your Line ID as a comment to contact you via Line Messenger.
  • On iPhones, you can find your phone number in the “Settings – Top Profile – Name, Phone, Email” menu. Enter your phone number with a leading zero, excluding the first two digits “+66” as the country code.

6. Confirm the price and proceed with the order. I was charged 49 baht for delivery from Chulalongkorn Silom to my accommodation on Khao San Road.

  • You can also check the delivery status on the app so you can be there when it arrives. I rushed downstairs to pick up my pork pork rice bowl after the phone call.

5. Kha Mu Charoensang Silom Menu/Pricing

Kha Mu Charoensang Silom Lineman’s menu is basically in Thai, but they kindly have pictures of the menu so you can make your choices by looking at the pictures. Share the Thai menu and the Korean translation on LINE for your reference. I think the prices are a little higher than what you’d pay at the store.

Kha Mu Charoensang Silom english menu

I was eating alone, but I got greedy and ordered the small leg for 180 baht for a 1-2 minute size. They also have boneless ones, so it’s up to you. I also ordered 2 servings because I thought the amount of rice could be less with one. Finally, I heard that the sauce was really good, so I added one just in case there wasn’t enough. The base sauce is also generous, so I don’t think you need to add it.

6. Kaukamu, Pork Rice Bowl

I ordered with the lineman preference of no disposables, so everything just came in a bag and no bowls or cutlery, but luckily I had chopsticks from the convenience store, or a bowl and spoon left over from another delivery.

Kha Mu Charoensang Silom pork trotters came double-wrapped in a bag with a thick soy sauce broth, and I had a hard time unwrapping the bag because it was tied with a very strange rubber band. The pork trotters just looked like they had been boiled for a long time and were tender. When I cut into them with a spoon, they fell apart too easily.

The taste was more like long-boiled intestines than pig’s feet. It was very tender for a part that can be tough, and the sweet soy sauce went well with it.

The pork trotters also came with boiled vegetables outside the bag. It’s worth noting that this is also sold separately on the menu, but you don’t have to order it.

The vegetables tasted like Korean siraegi, and the sauce seemed to be the same as the pork jowls.

The sauce that came with the pork trotters came with two, plus the one I ordered, for a total of three. It was so much that I didn’t even open two of them.

The sauce was sweet, spicy, and flavored with chilies and sugar in a typical Thai fish sauce. The fish sauce had a strong flavor and wasn’t fishy, which was nice.

If you eat a lot of pigs’ feet, you can feel it, but the sauce definitely took away the feeling and enhanced the flavor. It was so delicious.

The cilantro is also packaged separately, so if you don’t eat cilantro, you don’t have to worry about it. I love cilantro, so I ate it with it, and it also went well.

The food had various combinations of sauces, cilantro, and boiled vegetables with the rice and pork trotters. I was glad I ordered two servings of rice because one wasn’t enough. lol.

So far, I’ve been introducing you to Kaukamu, a pork rice bowl restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. The tender and fatty pork feet were more than I expected, and I was satisfied with the delicious sauce. Next time I go to Bangkok again, I would like to visit the actual store and try it.