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I visited the food court in the basement of the EmQuartier department store in Bangkok, which is a popular destination for foodies. Many famous restaurants from Thailand have gathered there, including several Michelin restaurants. One of the restaurants I dined at was Go-ang Pratunam Chicken Rice, which is a Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant that offers delicious chicken rice. This restaurant provides a satisfying meal at an affordable price.

EmQuartier Food Court Location

EmQuartier Department Store is accessible from Phrom Phong Station on the BTS line, an overground train.

Go-ang Pratunam Chicken Rice Bangkok EmQuartier Food Court Restaurant

Once there, go down to the B1 level where you’ll find large restaurants and a food court. Goang Pratunam Chicken Rice is located in the food court.

Go-ang Pratunam Chicken Rice head office

Note that this is a branch of Goang Pratunam Chicken Rice, with the main store located in downtown Bangkok. The main branch is cheaper than the one in EmQuartier Mall. If you’re in the area, you might want to consider visiting the main store.

How to order food court at EmQuartier Mall

If you are using cash, you can top up your card at the entrance counter. Any remaining balance after use can be refunded. I topped up my card using cash. If paying by credit card, it appears that you can pay directly at the restaurant.

Go-ang Pratunam Chicken Rice Menu

Goang Pratunam Chicken Rice Menu

The menu basically had a choice of original boiled and cooked chicken and fried chicken, and there was also a menu where you could taste both together. And there was also a line made from chicken blood. There were also soups made with chicken broth or pork bones.

I ordered chicken rice menu and chicken soup with two kinds of chicken.

Go-ang Pratunam Chicken Rice

When the food is served, you can take the spoon and sauce in front of you and sit at any available seat. You don’t need to return the tableware after eating, as the staff will clean it up for you.

Goang Pratunam Chicken Rice

The meal consists of two types of chicken, sliced and served with rice. On the side, a small amount of pickled cucumber and chicken skin is served.

Three sauces are placed in front of the counter where you order your meal. I was curious about their taste, so I tried each one.

Goang Pratunam Chicken Rice Sauce
  • Spicy Fish Sauce: The fish sauce flavor is not too strong, but the peppers in it are quite spicy.
  • Sweet Chili Sauce: It tastes like a commonly familiar chili sauce.
  • Thin Oyster Sauce: It tastes like sweet oyster sauce.

All three sauces complemented the chicken and rice very well. It was fun to try each one separately. If you dine here, we recommend trying all three.

Go-Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice

The boiled chicken was soft and light, and it was delicious because it wasn’t dry.

The fried chicken was also delicious. The crispy and savory taste unique to fried chicken made it delicious.

If I had to choose between the two, I would pick the fried chicken. lol

Also, the chicken blood tasted familiar to Koreans and didn’t feel too different.

Go-ang Pratunam Chicken Soup

Goang Pratunam Chicken Soup

I want to see the visual. It feels like I simmered it for a long time with the chicken rice part removed and all the remaining parts added. The broth was thick and savory, so it was good to eat with rice.

And although it looks like there are only bones, there is actually more flesh attached to them than I thought. The amount of soup is large, so if you don’t mind the visible parts, I think it’s an economical menu option.

In this document, we introduced you to Goang Pratunam Chicken Rice, a Michelin-starred restaurant located in Bangkok’s EmQuartier food court. It is a satisfying place to have a cheap and delicious meal in a cool and pleasant food court setting.

The savory and plain chicken, along with the three distinctive sauces, make for a particularly delicious meal. The chicken soup served alongside it is also a great addition. We highly recommend visiting Bangkok Equityer for a delicious meal.