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When traveling in Japan, you can find a variety of delicious-looking sweets at tourist spots and convenience stores. However, I often hesitate to buy them because they are expensive. However, I heard that there is a place near Ueno Station in Tokyo where you can buy these Japanese sweets at a reasonable price. It is Domremy Outlet.

1. Ueno Domremy Outlet Location

The location is a short walk from Ueda Station, about 5 minutes on foot. Ueno Park is right next door, so it’s a great place to visit after exploring Ueno Park.

We stopped by Nadai Unatoto, an eel bowl restaurant in Ueno that offers good value for money at 1100 yen.

2. Open hours

  • 11:00 to 19:00
Ueno Domremy Outlet

This shop only sells desserts and tends to close earlier than you might expect. I had waited longer than expected at the previous eel restaurant. So I arrived about 10 minutes before closing time and was able to purchase my dessert.

3. Store entrance

The store is located on the ground floor of an outlet hotel. You can enter through the entrance on the left instead of the main entrance. I was there just before closing. So there wasn’t a long line or a crowded store. But judging by the wait line is exist, it looks like there might be a line during busy times.

4. Dessert

Ueno Domremy Outlet

The Domremi Outlet is directly operated by the factory that makes the bread, so it’s a great place to buy cheap desserts, especially the faji products, which are said to be very cheap and delicious.

I was worried that they wouldn’t have any desserts because it was late. But there were empty spaces everywhere, but there were quite a few different types of desserts on display.

Cake-style desserts were predominant, with round cups filled with various fruits and toppings like red beans, all of which looked delicious. There were also roll cakes, cookies, and more. I heard that puddings were also popular, but I didn’t see them until later in the day.

As you can see from the pictures, it was really cheap, as desserts that would cost 400-500 yen at a convenience store or dessert shop were sold for 100-200 yen.

So, without even thinking about whether I could eat them all, I packed a lot of desserts.

When I arrived at my hostel, I realized that there was no refrigerator in the room, so I had to eat them right away.

Especially for the cakes I bought, I felt that they would have tasted better if they were kept in the refrigerator and eaten cold.

The cakes were of the same quality as the ones you’d find at a convenience store. So I was satisfied with the price, but I couldn’t help but get a little bit of a bite from eating a bunch of room-temperature sweet cakes. Most hotels have refrigerators, but I recommend checking this out so you can enjoy your dessert at your leisure.

So far, I’ve introduced you to Ueno Domremy Outlet which is the best places to buy Japanese sweets at a reasonable price. I recommend you to visit Ueno Park or Chūjū-machi when you are traveling around the area.

If you are curious about the eel bowl restaurant you visited before, check out the link below.