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I would like to introduce the Gimhae Airport SkyHub Lounge for international flights.

Location / Business Hours

  • Location – Gate 9
  • Opening hours – 06:30 ~ 21:30
Gimhae Airport SkyHub Lounge

For international flights at Gimhae Airport, the space itself is not large, so it is located on the boarding level, so I was happy that it was more accessible.

Entrance Fee

If you pay to enter, you will be charged as follows.

  • Adult : 39$
  • Child: 17$ (37 months to 10 years old)

Free access cards

I used a free card to enter the SkyHub Lounge. You can use the following cards to enter the lounge.

Inside / Seating

Gimhae Airport SkyHub Lounge

I visited the lounge during the afternoon on a weekday, and since Gimhae Airport itself is a small international airport compared to Incheon International Airport, the lounge was relatively small in size. There were fewer people using the lounge, so it was very relaxing.

Food Corner/Buffet

Southeast Asian low-cost airlines usually don’t have in-flight meals, so I had to fill my stomach in the lounge. The buffet corner was not as big as it looks, but I was satisfied with the food.

1) Hot food

Gimhae Airport SkyHub Lounge hot food

Hashbrowns, tomato meatballs, tteokbokki, fish cake soup, sausage, stir-fried bulgogi, etc.

Gimhae Airport SkyHub Lounge hot food

2) Rice Noodles

I was particularly satisfied with the rice noodles. I had delicious rice noodles with suksu, warm broth, and sriracha sauce. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of it.

3) Cup ramen noodles

The ramen corner is indispensable in the lounge, but unfortunately, there was only one type of ramen, Shin Ramen. I enjoyed it, but I think they didn’t have any spicy ramen because Gimhae Airport has a high percentage of Koreans.

4) Salads, fruits, bread, and desserts

There were salads, fruits, breads, and more.

5) Alcoholic beverages/drinks

Gimhae Airport SkyHub Lounge beer machine

There was only one type of alcoholic beverage available, beer, but they recognized that there was not a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, so they provided lemon syrup and lemon slices to make lemon beer. I tried it and it went well and was delicious.

Gimhae Airport SkyHub Lounge was not as big as the lounge at Incheon Airport, but it was rather quiet, so it was a relaxing start to my trip. The food was better than I expected, so if you need a quick meal and a break before starting your trip from Gimhae Airport, I recommend using the Sky Hub Lounge.