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Today I’ll share my experience how to Book a car rental in Switzerland, Europe. And information about price and insurance. My family and I rented a car for our trip to Switzerland. In general, when traveling in Switzerland, will be using trains. In our case, my mother has limited mobility and had to bring her wheelchair, so renting a car was a must, as it was not easy to move around with luggage. However, since we were in Europe, I was worried about the cost. In the end, it was cheaper than I thought, and we were happy with our rental car trip.

Book a car rental in Switzerland

When traveling to Europe, Hertz is probably the most popular company to book a rental car with. I’ve read so many stories about problems with rental cars in Europe, such as being ripped off, that I knew I had to book a good company, even if it meant paying a little more. However, my family had a lot of luggage and needed a lot of storage space, so we had to rent an SUV of some size.

So I turned to, which is a popular car booking site for traveling to Europe or abroad. The site doesn’t provide the car, but rather connects you with multiple rental companies.

However, you can compare prices from multiple companies at once, making it easier to find the best deal. also offers its own full-cover insurance, which is often cheaper than the insurance provided by the rental car company.

Car rental costs

I focused my search on larger cars, such as SUVs, and the company I chose was eurocar.

The car is a Skoda Karoq. It’s not a brand I’m familiar with because it’s not sold in Korea, but it looked good when I did a quick search, so I felt comfortable renting it.

The cost is about $1200, which honestly can’t be called cheap, but since the Swiss Travel Pass, which is often purchased when traveling by train in Switzerland, costs about $328.3 for 4 days per person, I thought it would be more reasonable if I traveled with several people. Of course, gas prices and parking costs in Europe are very expensive, so this should also be considered.

Full Cover Insurance

The most important thing to consider when renting a car is insurance. You never know what might happen while driving in a foreign country, so it’s essential to have full coverage insurance.

However, I’ve read that some companies don’t cover damage to tires or wheels, so I felt a little more confident about booking with because I knew it was covered.

If you use the insurance provided by the rental car company, you don’t have to pay for the accident when you return the car. However, if you use the insurance provided by , you have to pay the rental car company for the accident, get a receipt, and submit a claim to You also have to worry that the claim will not be accepted.

Of course, when I looked it up, I saw posts from people who were able to file insurance claims and get their money back without any problems, which eased my worries a bit. In the end, I returned the rental car without incident.

However, when I arrived in Korea, I sadly got a speeding ticket. As a side note, there is a navigation app called WAZE that shows the location of speed cameras in Europe. I used Google Maps for my trip, but you may want to consider using the WAZE app.

>> Book a Rental Car

So there you have it, the site I used to book a rental car in Switzerland, the type of car I booked, and information about rental costs and insurance. The cost of renting a car is not cheap in Europe, but I think it’s worth it if you’re traveling with a group of people because the cost of a travel pass is also expensive. It’s also a big advantage that you don’t have to move around according to the train time, and you can easily carry a lot of luggage.

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