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During my Kyushu rental car trip, I stayed a day at the Suginoi Hotel in Beppu, known for its hot springs. This Japanese-style hotel offers ryokan-style services such as public baths and Buffet dinners and breakfast, and regular hotel services. I picked Beppu over Yufuin for its Suginoi Hotel, mainly because of the outdoor hot spring pool – Aqua Garden.

Suginoi Hotel Aqua Garden

The Suginoi Hotel is a large onsen hotel in Beppu. It features a water park, an outdoor pool with a sea view, several accommodation buildings, and a large public bath. The price, which includes dinner and breakfast buffet, is affordable at around 200 dollars for two people.

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Beppu Suginoi Hotel Location

Suginoi Hotel is located on a hill in Beppu. Therefore, although it is far from the sea, it has a view where you can see the sea well and also see the city of Beppu together.

Beppu Suginoi Hotel Parking Tower

As I had a rental car, I parked at the Suginoi Hotel parking lot. Suginoi Hotel has a separate parking tower within walking distance, but there is a slope on the road that may make it difficult to carry luggage.

Beppu Suginoi Hotel Parking Tower

Nijikan accommodation is right next to the parking tower, so there’s no need to take a shuttle. However, I didn’t know that and took a shuttle with a heavy carrier to the main building. You can check-in directly from the Nijikan building, so remember to check the location of your accommodation for a comfortable check-in. If you are traveling to Beppu by train, a shuttle bus is available.

Suginoi Hotel Check-in Counter

  • Check-in – 15:00
  • Check-out – 11:00
Suginoi Hotel Check-in Counter

We checked in at the main building and enjoyed the panoramic view of Beppu and the sea. After moving back to Nijikan and getting the key at the check-in counter, we entered the room. The check-in lobby provided amenities like razors and toothbrushes since there were no disposable items in the room.

Suginoi Hotel Nijikan Rooms

Suginoi Hotel Nijikan

Our accommodation, Nijikan, is located in Suginoi Hotel among other buildings. It’s the newest building and offers modern hotel rooms. I booked a twin room with two queen-sized beds, one of which was very comfortable.

Suginoi Hotel Nijikan Rooms

The hotel provides ryokan clothes that can be worn in the large bath and buffet. They are also hung on coat hangers for wearing in cold weather. There were delicious sweets available.

Although our room had a direct view of the parking lot, we could also see the mountains and sea in the distance from the window.

Suginoi Palace

Suginoi Palace

A short walk from Nijikan, the building where I stayed, is Suginoi Palace. Here, you can find Cida Palace, the restaurant where we had breakfast, Tanayu, a large public bath with an outdoor open-air bath, and Aqua Garden, an outdoor hot spring pool. Suginoi Hotel’s facilities were mostly concentrated here, so there was no need to use other buildings. I only went to the main building when I first checked in.

Suginoi Hotel Grand Public bath Bath Tanayu

  • Hours – 06:00-24:00

The large bath at Suginoi Hotel is situated on the third floor of Suginoi Palace. If you are wearing slippers or clothes in your room, you can enter freely without special inspection. You can obtain a towel at the entrance and proceed inside.

While the bath is not very large compared to the size of the Suginoi Hotel, it is still nice to have an outdoor hot spring bath with a view of Beppu and the sea.

I did not use the outdoor hot spring bath in the large bath on the first evening as I was using the Aqua Garden, but I made sure to try it out the next morning before breakfast.

The outdoor hot spring bath in Suginoi Hotel’s public bath also offers a view of Beppu and the sea, just like the Aqua Garden. The depth of the bath is shallow, allowing you to enjoy the view while sitting in the bath, and the water temperature is hotter than the Aqua Garden.

Suginoi Hotel Aqua Garden (outdoor hot spring pool)

  • Hours – 11:00~23:00

To reach the Aqua Garden, head down the stairs at the entrance after changing into a swimsuit at Tanayu, a large public bath.

Suginoi Hotel Aqua Garden (outdoor hot spring pool)

Upon entering the Aqua Garden, you’ll see a sizable outdoor swimming pool. The water level is about chest-height, but it may be difficult to swim properly due to the crowd. Similar to a hot spring, you can relax by sitting on a ledge on the wall and admiring the scenery of Beppu or playing in the water.

As you move outside, where you can see the sea view, the water temperature drops, as if the hot water is coming from inside.

Aqua Garden LED fountain show

There is an LED fountain show every hour, but it’s not very flashy or a must-see.

Night View of Beppu

Overall, I enjoyed spending time at the end of the pool looking at the sea of Beppu.

Suginoi Hotel Cida Palace

Suginoi Hotel Cida Palace

The Seada Palace restaurant where I ate both dinner and breakfast is located in the same building as the Suginoi Palace. The restaurant has a large, colorful interior and a large fish tank in the middle. You don’t need to reserve a specific meal time for either dinner or breakfast, as the restaurant is open during operating hours.

Dinner Buffet

If you choose a meal ticket with assigned seating, the staff will ask if you want to order paid menus or alcoholic beverages. There is a separate menu here that is good for the price, but we did not order it. There was also an unlimited drinks menu, but I did not drink anything because I had a hard time drinking the night before.

The dinner menu had a variety of dishes, including Japanese cuisine like sushi, and Western food like salads, pasta, and pizza. There was also hot soup ramen and a steak corner. The most notable dish was the eel rice bowl, which was delicious, but unfortunately the portion size was too small.

The karaage fried chicken in the children’s corner was also delicious. However, there was a downside to it, as it seemed that only children were allowed to eat it.

Before visiting the Suginoi Hotel, I had read an article about snow crabs, so I was looking forward to trying them. Unfortunately, they were not available during my visit due to timing issues.

Lastly, the desserts served here were delicious, especially the ice cream. It was so good that I decided to have it one more time before leaving.

Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast the following day was again at Cida Felice Restaurant, just like dinner. The standout dish for the morning was sukiyaki, which was served with eggs on the side. However, the eggs were not as good as anticipated and were slightly overcooked.

A selection of grilled fish was also available, so seafood lovers would have plenty to choose from. Desserts mainly consisted of fruit, but the whipped cream sandwich shown in the picture was particularly delicious.

So far, we have introduced the Suginoi Hotel in Beppu, a hot spring town that is often visited when traveling in Fukuoka. This hotel offers a wide variety of enjoyable activities and delicious food. Additionally, its spaciousness left me feeling very satisfied.

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