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I personally love traveling to Bangkok for its delicious food, affordable yet luxurious hotels, and vibrant city life. One of the things I always want to do when I visit Bangkok is to go to a live jazz bar. So, for my upcoming trip to Bangkok, I did some research on a few live jazz bars I wanted to visit, and one of them is the Bangkok Firefly Bar, which I will introduce today.

Live jazz performance at Bangkok Firefly Bar with a cello, drums, piano, and saxophone

Making a Reservation

When I searched online for Bangkok Firefly Bar, I read that it’s difficult to get in without a reservation. However, due to my laziness, I didn’t make a reservation in advance. Therefore, about an hour before I planned to visit, I called to check if it was possible for a solo visitor to get in.

Call number : +6620959999

There were no issues communicating in English during the reservation call, and fortunately, I was able to secure a spot. I mentioned that I would be visiting alone and requested a seat with a good view of the performance.

Location / How to Get There

The Firefly Bar is located in the popular Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel, which is also favored by many Korean travelers these days. It is about a 15-minute walk from Chit Lom BTS station according to the map. Since my accommodation was along the BTS line, I decided to use the BTS to get there. However, since the Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel is not ideally located being 15 minutes from the BTS station, I regretted not taking a motorcycle taxi.

Notably, the Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel is adjacent to another luxury hotel, the Kimpton Maa-Lai Hotel. Without thinking, I mistakenly entered the Kimpton Maa-Lai Hotel and ended up searching for the Firefly Bar there for a while before realizing my mistake and moving to the Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel.

By the time I entered the Firefly Bar, I was slightly embarrassed as I was quite sweaty from wandering around.

Business Hours and Performance Times

Hours: 17:00~01:00
Live performances: 20:00~23:00

Dress Code

I had heard that upscale live bars like the Firefly Bar enforce a dress code, so I visited wearing long pants just in case. Fortunately, there were no issues with my attire, and the overall dress seemed quite relaxed, so there doesn’t appear to be any strict dress code. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry too much about what to wear.

Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Entrance / Firefly Bar Interior

True to its reputation as a hot and popular hotel, the exterior landscaping and interior design of the Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel are luxurious and enjoyable to explore. I regret not taking many photos due to my detour at the wrong hotel.

Upon entering the Firefly Bar, the impressive bar immediately caught my eye, with bartenders dressed in white coats preparing cocktails.

As requested during my reservation call, I was seated at a table close to the performance area. Although it wasn’t a sofa seat, the high chairs provided were not very comfortable.

Exterior view of Bangkok Firefly Bar located in Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel

The Firefly Bar is divided into room-like sections, so seats that are not near the performance area might not hear the music as well. This could be a plus for those who want to have conversations. However, if you’re like me and primarily there to enjoy the performance, I highly recommend requesting a seat close to the stage when making a reservation.

Upon seating, three types of complimentary snacks were provided. Initially, I considered ordering additional snacks, but the complimentary ones were quite varied and good, so I didn’t order more. The prices for snacks were also quite high.

The menu starts with signature cocktails, priced around 400-500 baht each. There’s also an extensive selection of whiskeys, vodkas, brandies, etc. The menu is 46 pages long, with occasional pictures, but I gave up on taking photos due to the dim lighting.

For detailed menu options, you can check the official website below:

Cocktail: Firefly Rebirth

The first cocktail I ordered was Firefly Rebirth, named after the bar. Each menu item has indications of whether the drink is light, bitter, etc. I wanted something strong, so I chose this one as it was marked as bitter and strong.

Firefly Rebirth cocktail at Bangkok Firefly Bar with pink hue and orange flower garnish

The cocktail had a pink hue with an orange flower garnish. Despite expecting a bitter and strong taste, it wasn’t very bitter and had a yuzu flavor. Nevertheless, it was a strong cocktail, making for a pleasant start.

Brandy: Demonio de Los Andes

I finished my cocktail quickly and decided to try something stronger for my second drink. I chose a brandy, as I have more experience with whiskey and vodka but not with brandy. I ordered Demonio de Los Andes, primarily because it was the most affordable option.

Demonio de Los Andes brandy served on the rocks at Bangkok Firefly Bar

You can order the drink on the rocks or straight. I chose on the rocks. Although it was a single shot, the drink’s volume increased as the ice melted, enhancing the brandy’s flavor over time. It was unexpectedly satisfying.

Firefly Bar Live Performance

I arrived a little after 8 PM when the performance was just starting. Initially, there were only a cello, drums, and piano, but a saxophone joined after about 20 minutes.

The selection of soothing songs made for a pleasant evening of drinks and relaxation. However, I was a bit disappointed that there was no vocalist, but a female vocalist joined the next session about an hour later, enhancing the atmosphere even more.

By this time, the seats around the stage that were initially empty had filled up.

Receipt / Taxes

After enjoying the performance for just over two hours, I left the bar. I had two drinks, totaling 800 baht. With a 10% tax and 7% service charge, the total came to 941.5 baht.

That was my introduction to the Firefly Bar at the Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel in Bangkok. Although it is a bit pricey as a hotel bar, it offers a satisfying experience with a great atmosphere and live performances.