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Previously, I wrote about Goang Pratunam in Bangkok EmQuartier’s basement food court. Today, I’ll share some of the places I visited while exploring Bangkok EmQuartier Mall, including Phang Cha, Percent Arabica Kirby, and Gourmet Market Salad.

1. Bangkok EmQuartier 6th floor dining area

Bangkok EmQuarter's 6th floor dining area

I didn’t find the exterior of EmQuarter Mall too impressive because the basement resembles a typical department store. However, my opinion shifted when I ascended to the 6th floor of EmQuarter Mall. I found the interior decoration with plants very impressive.

Additionally, I admired the use of ramps instead of stairs from the sixth floor, and exploring the mall proved enjoyable due to the abundance of photo spots.

2. Pangcha shaved ice

Pangcha shaved ice

The reason I went up to the 6th floor of EmQuarter was to try Pangcha Bingsu. Along with the delicious Afterglow Bingsu, Pangcha Bingsu is famous for its shaved ice, which is a must-try in Bangkok. It is located in many famous department stores in Thailand, including EmQuarter, such as Icon Siam and Siam Paragon.

Pangcha english menu

I ordered their signature shaved ice, the Chai Tea Shaved Ice, and paid 335 baht plus 10% service charge and 7% tax for a total of 394 baht. The price was fair considering the cost of living in Thailand.

Pangcha Chai Tea Shaved Ice

The size of the shaved ice itself was quite large, enough for two to three people.

The shaved ice itself tasted like a sweet chai tea, not too different from Chatramu’s chai tea. But the smoothness of the shaved ice made it feel like a more premium gin. If you like Chatramu’s chai tea, you’ll probably enjoy Pangcha’s shaved ice as well.

The shaved ice also came with sliced almonds, chewy tapioca pearls that you get in bubble tea, and lots of little bubbles. I personally liked the tapioca pearls. But the little bubbles didn’t have any particular flavor. And there were so many of them that I was constantly chewing on them.

Underneath the shaved ice were slices of bread, which I found to be a bit tougher and harder than I expected. I was disappointed in this aspect as it was supposed to be cake-like and soft. But there was a slight sourness from the fermented bread that I didn’t think went well with the milk tea. I understand that they used this bread because it had to be submerged in the shaved ice the whole time. But I would have preferred something softer.

Pang Cha Bingsu is a delicious chai tea shaved ice that will definitely satisfy milk tea lovers. But it’s more expensive than I expected, so I’ll probably try something else next time.

3. Gourmet Market Salad

Bangkok EmQuartier Gourmet Market

My second stop at EmQuartier was the Gourmet Market, which is a supermarket located in many famous department stores. And you’ll find it in many places when you’re shopping for souvenirs or food. I wandered around the Gourmet Market just to look around and found a salad section that caught my eye.

Gourmet Market Salad

You pick your own ingredients and pay by weight. There was a huge selection of vegetables, nuts to go with them, pinny balls, and more to choose from, all of which seemed to be of high quality. Which is why I saw so many people grabbing salads to go.

I also brought some salad and fish balls for breakfast the next day. Since they were offering free yogurt for purchases of 400 grams or more, I also got some yogurt.

When I tasted the salad the next day, the vegetables and ingredients were still fresh and tasted better than I expected, even though it had been a day. It was nice to have a healthy meal after all the noodles and fatty dishes I was eating throughout my trip to Bangkok. I would definitely purchase this again if I were to stop by EmQuartier again.

4. Percent Arabica Coffee, % Coffee

Bangkok EmQuartier
Percent Arabica Coffee

This is a coffee chain that started in Kyoto, Japan, and now has branches all over the world, not just in Japan. In Korea, it’s called Ng Coffee, and I visited it because it was in Jamsil Starfield. I also visited Percent Arabica Coffee in various shopping malls during my trip to Bangkok.

Percent Arabica Coffee Latte

I had an iced latte, which was a very delicious latte with rich coffee in savory milk. As a chain, I don’t think it tasted much different from what I’m used to in Korea. So if you’re traveling to Bangkok and want a good cup of coffee, I recommend visiting. I opted for an iced latte because I couldn’t drink hot coffee in the heat. But apparently you can taste the flavor of the nutty milk better when drinking a warm latte.

Bangkok EmQuartier
Percent Arabica Coffee menu

I visited just a few of the places inside the Bangkok EmQuartier department store. It’s not as well known to Koreans as Icon Siam or Siam Paragon. But there’s more to see and eat than you might think, and I spent a lot of time there. If you’re visiting Jumun or staying close by, I’d recommend checking it out.