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While visiting Bangkok, Thailand, I tried the famous mango kakigori at After You Bangkok Dessert Café. This Thai chain is known for their shaved ice desserts and was a must-try for me. Although the dessert is popular and requires waiting in line, I found a shopping mall where it can be enjoyed without the wait.

After You Mango kakigori (Shaved ice)

After You kakigori at Terminal 21 Asok Station

I immediately ordered the mango kakigori. Although I was eating it alone, I decided to get the regular size instead of the small one since the price difference wasn’t significant, and I love kakigori. It was priced at 285 baht.

While waiting, a beautifully presented mango kakigori was served. The size of the bowl was smaller than expected, but the amount was quite sufficient since they had piled the kakigori into a tower. I ate it all the way to the end. LOL

The sweet cheese cream on top was white, and I initially thought it was cream cheese. However, it had a stronger cheese flavor than cream cheese. The sweet and savory cheese cream complemented the refreshing mango kakigori below.

After You Mango kakigori

Beside the kakigori, there was mango syrup and cheese cream provided as an accompaniment. Since there was a lot of kakigori, I ran out of cheese cream while eating the top, but they provided additional cream. The mango syrup had a strong fruit flavor, and it went well with the kakigori.

As you enjoy the delicious mango kakigori, you’ll discover cubed mango fruit and sticky rice at the bottom. Thailand has a representative dish called mango sticky rice, where people eat sticky rice and mango together. This seems to be a variation where they put sticky rice in kakigori. While some people may have preferences regarding putting sticky rice in kakigori, as someone who loves mango sticky rice, I found it to be very delicious.

Mango kakigori

Waiting for After You kakigori at Terminal 21 Asok Station

One of the most popular places to search for “after-you” dessert in Bangkok is Terminal 21, located near Asok station. It’s a convenient shopping mall to visit during your trip to Bangkok, and its food court and restaurants are also popular.

After You Bangkok Deesert cafe at Terminal 21 Asok Station

I went to Terminal 21 to try the famous “after-you” dessert. However, there were a lot of people when I went there during the daytime, and it was already crowded. I had to wait in line, but eventually gave up and left Terminal 21 to go to the Thewet Chatuchak Night Market.

Esplanade Ratchada Shopping Mall & After You kakigori

After you Dessert Cafe in Bangkok Esplanade mall

After finishing sightseeing at The One Ratchada Night Market, I looked for a restroom and found out that it was not free. Then I remembered the Esplanade Ratchada Shopping Mall at the entrance of the night market. I used the comfortable and free restroom inside the Esplanade Mall and took a quick look around. Unexpectedly, there was an After You karigori, so I went in without hesitation.

However, since this mall’s location is not particularly convenient, I do not recommend visiting it solely for After You Bingsu. If you plan to visit The One Ratchada Night Market, I recommend visiting this mall together like I did.

Even though I was already full after having dinner at the night market, I still enjoyed the mango shaved ice. I was so satisfied that I would like to visit After You again if I go to Thailand next time. Besides mango shaved ice, there are various other Kakigori (shaved ice) menus, so I would like to try other options as well.